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PSIA Stepping Stones

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I am trying on my own to become PSIA certified level 1.  What is the stepping stones?  Can you either explain it to me or show me a online doc that can teach it to me?
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Hey PimpinPanda,
The way I'd thought of it was that it basically is a set of options that can be used to progress a student further into skiing. Many different options for different people with different strengths, but all with the same result!  It's like crossing a creek with stepping stones. You just have to pick the correct stones to get your student across to the other side, but a separate student may require a different path then the first, you see?
The diagram is on page 7 of the '06 study guide seen here:

Oh and don't forget about THE GUIDE haha.

Good luck man!!
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PSIA has 9 different divisions that each have slightly different processes for certification. Most (I'm not sure if all) require you to be an instructor with a ski school in order to become certified. People usually join the division covering their geographic area either where they live or where they work. Most divisions have online study guides that will help to prepare you for the exam (e.g. the two that Kogu has referenced). Do you currently teach at a ski school? Where do you live?

Years ago the path from beginner to expert started with wedge turns, followed by wedge Christies and ended with parallel turns. Now we teach some beginners to make parallel turns from day one. This was the main impetus for the stepping stones concept. But it is larger than that, Within the overall concept of guest centered teaching is the idea that everyone learns in their own unique way and will learn best when they follow the path that is right for them. Some people may need to take the shortest path across the water while others may need to step on every stone and still others may need to step on the same stone multiple times. It's the job of the instructor to know all of the stones and help to choose the best "next stone" for each of their students.

PSIA has 3 stones (levels of certification) on the path to becoming a great ski teacher. The level 1 certification is designed to make it easy to get you started on that path. As you get more experience, you'll find that there are thousands of stones in the ski teaching river. The PSIA stones are like a map to help you choose your own path across the river. Good luck on your journey!
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Panda, quite a few PSIA instructors are successfully using my Building Blocks DVD Instructional Series to hone their skills and climb the PSIA certification ladder.  Rusty is right that the different divisions have slightly different technical requirements, but what I tell my students is building their foundation skiing skills will provide them with all the tools they will need to execute any task presented to them, all the way up to level 3. Great skiing ability is founded on the possession of a broad base of well refined skills.  Work on acquiring those and the skiing portion of the tests will be a breeze.  This little secret will not only serve YOU well, it will serve your students well too when you share it with them.  
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