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changes for 2010-2011 Salomon Impact Pro

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Hi guys.

Did Salomon show off any new boots to replace the current orange/black Impact Pro or is it continuing in it's current design and configuration. I have a current model and it now has a crack in the cuff. They will warranty it but since it's almost the end of the season there is no stock in the warehouse. They have said I'll have to wait for next year's production/model so I'm wondering what if any changes are on the way. It also means I will have to take my exams on them with the crack and hope they hang in there for the rest of the season. I have already drilled the little hole at the end of the crack to hopefully keep the crack from getting longer.

As always it takes time to adjust to new boots and I was just starting to get these where they felt right.. (cant/ramp/lean/fit).

Thanks for any insights you might have.

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you could rivet a small metal plate across the split if it is a concern (something we do with split race shells from time to time)

salomon have not replaced that model with a "freeride" look boot, the smae shell with a 120 flex would be the X3 10RC (i think that is the coreect number of letters /numbers in the right order the range now goes top to bottom

X3 lab    medium 140 flex or soft 130 flex 95mm last full on plug boot
X3 RC    130 flex 98mm last as falcon
X3 10 RC 120 flex 98mm last (replacement of falcon pro)
X3 cs     100 flex 98mm last (replacement for falcon CS)

hope that helps
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Thanks that does help. My current dilemma is that my old boots that I used to ski on were the xwave 10. (bright orange) and after all the work done on them, I found that my best balance was accomplished with spoiler removed, boot setup as upright as possible and 3MM of toe lift. They were punched for a 6th toe, on the right foot, with misc other work. canting work done as well. Skiing well.

I decided to "upgrade" to the impact pro because they were supposedly "the same last" and direct replacement for the XWave. I have since found that the ramp angle on these boots is more positive as well as there is a signficant amount of forward lean on these compared to my Xwave boots even with out all the modifications. This was, from what I can tell, causing me to overpower the tips of my skis with a result of washing out the tails. Most significant during short radius turns and in steeps.. Chatting with several instructors that I look up to for guidance, they confirm my thought process. After doing another static stance check I found that it now takes 7mm of toe lift to get my body to seek balance with the hips over the balls of my feet.

Add to the equation binding ramp angle and I was very out of balance when I got my hips over my feet properly.

So my biggest question is did the replacement boots for the impact series go back to a more upright stance? how about the toe and heel lugs? are they the same removable system and am I going to run into the same problem as with the impact where if I lift the toe 7MM to get back to a good balance point, will I be left with no material left to bring the toe interface back into DIN. (I can't router off material and still be left with a viable lug without doing some surgery to the boot)

I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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oops.... me needs to read better...... i read falcon pro (it was black/orange this year) not impact

lets start again...

the impact pro is now the impact 10 CS and remains identical in shape to all previous impacts with the custom shell which was added last season

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