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RX8 Topsheet Delaminated

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The translucent topsheet of my Fischer RX8 delaminted at the tail end. The delamination extends almost to the binding. It doesn't seem to affect the ski's behavior, but I am worrying about water absorption or further ski degradation. Should I try to glue it back with super glue or something like that? I bought them new on Ebay last year,  love these skis and hope to use them for a few more seasons. Your input is much appreciated.

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 If they are new and you bought from a dealer, try to get them replaced under warranty.  This is a well known problem with the RX-8.  I thought Fischer had licked the problem on the newer models.  Is it possible yours are older models?  In that case, they may no longer be under warranty.

Super glue won't work, but a flexible epoxy should (anything with a cure time >= 30 minutes should be flexible enough).  You can use tape or clamps to hold the topsheet in place until the epoxy sets completely (8-16 hours in most cases).
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Thanks, Skier219. I'm afraid mine are an older model, judging from the colors of the graphics. I will look for a flexible epoxy.
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Don't assume they're too old without checking.  Take the skis and a receipt, if you have one, to a Fischer dealer.  I did and got a brand new pair of RX8s.
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My dad had someone epoxy the topsheet on his RX6s.  Unfortunately, they didnt do they greatest job and the expoxy
dried sort of wood glue yellow, not clear.  This cost him at re-sale time...
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Sometimes if a ski has a chronic problem the manufacturer will extend the warranty this is called a "secret warranty" because they usually don't tell anyone but the ski shops.

A number of years ago Volkl had a problem with the Race Carver (the orange ones) bending on a lot of skis so they extended the warranty to two years. I skied on mine for two years and then sold them before they bent.
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Anyone having a delam or cracking clearcoat on Stockli Lasers?
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All Fischer RX models had a top sheet problem and company replaced skis in the first year!


Do not try to re-glue top sheet!


The skis are still great and no harm will come to them via water or snow since this top skin is just a 3D effect marketing option and a protection for scratches!


Take a very sharp knife. I prefer the kind that has an extended blade which you can change!


Note the pattern of the de-lamination. You will clearly see a difference.


With knife follow line of demarcation!

DO NOT try to pull out top skin which is still well glued! All this will do is strip the graphics from ski!


If you are concerned about "protection" of ski,,try one spray of marine shellac!


By the way, the sooner you do this the better. So if you have a small 10mm delamination take it out right away!


I have seen a complete tail section delaminated!


Hope this helps the RX skiers!




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I just saw this happen on my buddy's RX-8's last week.  We were looking down at his skis on the lift, and WTF is that weird-looking snow on the topsheet by the tip?  Sure enough, both skis were peeling, and upon closer examination there were lots of bubbles along the entire length of the skis.  I think they are 2006 models.  Luckily we didn't notice it until the end of the week at Crested Butte.  So they'll still ski OK, just need to cut off the affected topsheet area?

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