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 Hi, I am very new here.  After many years of break from skiing, I am getting back into it again, and am thinking of replacing my old Tecnica Innotec TI-R.  I think these were fairly stiff boots.  They are 25.5 mondo size, and still in decent shape.  But, the top plastics have become very tough and hard too close.  I am not sure how long these boots are supposed to last, as the liners are still very comfy.  I am about level 7 skier and will be working more on my carving on the front side rather than doing off-piste or moguls.  
  1. If I were to replace them, I wanted a few good recommendations as I have not really followed the industry.  Will new boots be significantly better than my 10 year old Tecnica?  If not, I may just hold on to them as they still fit pretty well.
  2. I am looking at Lange Fluid 10 or Nordica Speed Machine 10 or 12.  Any others I should look at?  Any recommendation on size?    
  3. I am planning to use my customer molded footbed and take the boots to a good boot fitter.  But, want to know where to start looking.   

Any help would be greatly appreciated.