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I had conversation with (late last season though)and they assured me that the brake would work. That LD has something to do with heel "diagonal" or something something, you can find info on Tyrolia web site. However, I do have doubts of accuracy regarding availability of wide brakes. Too many conflicting "facts". I couldn't get info from Tyrolia directly, info like that would quickly put an end to conversation like this. Dawgcatching was kind enough to modify my brakes when I acquired Élan Spires from them (98mm). It is really puzzling why Tyrolia chose to handle Powerail product this way, I think it is by far their best product in this category. On the other hand, more of Head and Fisher, Kneissl and other skis are showing up with "integrated" Powerail binding system.
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Scott aka Dawgcatching, likes the PRs a whole lot, so I'll be out shopping skis in Vail this april. He is out of the Head RnRs in a 187.

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I bought my PRD12 from Dawgcatching and they list 88mm, 97mm and a 115mm brake as options.  

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I just looked at the Tyrolia/Head Tech Manual 11/12. In the brake parts section they list Powerrail Brakes in 88mm-(part #162946), 97mm-162947, and 115mm-162948 widths. They are listed as 'LD' series. These fit the Powerrail 11-12 and 14 dins.

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