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Tyrolia Powerrail

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Have any of you used the new Tyrolia system?
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Powerrail looks like a 2011 (fall) product. Have you seen it for sale anywhere? I was considering it, but only could find the Railflex. I would be interested in finding out if there is any compatibility between Railflex and Powerrail. At least it would be nice if they used the same mount hole locations. It seems unlikely that the bindings would be compatible, but that would obviously be nice.

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Has anyone had any experience with Powerrail bindings yet? Still seems to be pretty hard to find any info or retailers.

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I had planed to change to Powerrails but I didn't buy any Fischer or Head system skis this year.

Everything I bought for me and my girlfriend was flat.

Well, I still had a couple of boxes of Railflex bases to use up too. Only ten left from the original

fifty I bought on sale for $5.00 each.


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Why did you decide against mounting powerrail base and bindings to the flat skis that you got? I have a pair of flat Atomic Crimson TIs and I'm considering powerrail 12D for them, hard to find any info or reviews on powerrail systems.

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I still had a bunch of Railflex bases cheap, and about twenty or so Railflex bindings to swap out on all of our skis. The price on Powerrail bases that I have found are around $60.00 each. I will just wait until later to upgrade. No part of the Railflex and Powerrail is interchangeable.

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Thanks for the input, where have you found the powerrail bases? I'm very surprised that it is so hard to find a website or a ski shop that carries Tyrolia or Head bindings... I want to put the 12Ds on my my Crimsons, but having a  hard time finding a retailer...

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Found them here on this website, includes powerrail:

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I was just checking how much wobble my 4+ seasons old HD 14s have mounted on my Mojo 94s......quite a bit of slop nowadays. Funny that on these skis a regular binding would be fine, but my last RF plate went on these skis last year.


I think I'll be going with these next season for my Hellbents, can't find wide brakes at this point, and move my Mojo 14s over to the Mojos. Hummm, maybe that brake will fit from the Mojos?

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How many days did you need to put on the HD 14's to get slop?

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No wide brakes for the PowerRail yet at this point.  That's why I backed out on putting them on my DPS 112RPs.  Brakes available for other Tyrolia/Head binding models do NOT fit on the PowerRail.

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Looks like 80mm is max. I asked this question.

"Message: What width brake system comes with:
No. 111314 silver/black"


from Tyrolia:



The 111314 Power 11D comes with an 80mm brake  (PowerRail Brake LD 80)





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I'm guessing it was two seasons before I started to dial up the DIN to compensate. Set them at 9 most of the time now,  8 doesn't work in the bumps at all anymore. I think the diagonal release gets influenced by the additional slop of aging RFs.


I just shot some GoPro video from my SkiCam using the RF, if shows the flexing of the toepiece to the plate relative to the ski rather clearly. If you put your boot into the binding at home, and stand on the back of the ski while it lays on the floor, you can push the boot around and see the slop to the ski. Now try it with a regular binding. YIKES!!!


Tx for the info on brakes, sounds like a factory lag problemo. I'm in no rush anyway for this season, just waiting to get to Vail in april. 


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I came across some new-old-stock Head skis that come with Powerrail 11 bindings, so was poking around, looking for info. Just watched the youtube video in the first post, and realized the Powerrail system is pretty much identical in design to the TPI2 system which has come standard on a lot of Rossignol skis the past 2-3 years. Toe and heel pieces slide on and off quickly, and adjust independently, so you can not only set for different BSL but play with the effective mount point pretty easily too.


Looks like the max brake width was/is 90mm. Did Head/Tyrolia bail on this system?


Anyone end up using Powerrails? Anything negative?

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AFAIK, the PowerRail system is still alive and kicking for Head/Tyrolia.  I think the max brake width is still stuck at 88mm unfortunately.

I have them on a few pairs of skis and for a system binding I like them.  I like the flexibility to adjust for BSL and mount position and they feel like very solid ski clamps.

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They're still the standard narrower ski Tyrolia/Head binding, actually not much different from the Free Flex except a bit easier to adjust. Agree with N that they're a very solid, precise system, less tendency to get sloppy than the Rail Flex, just as easy to adjust, nice to have a fixed toe if you carve wider skis. Have heard that you can jury rig wider Mojo brakes on them, suspect instructions over at TGR. Or there's always bending, which can take them out 10 mm or so without harm. But nothing that allows out of the box plug and play for a true powder ski.  

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beyond - if you have a link to any discussion on making wider brakes fit on the PowerRail please post up!  I hate bending brakes - the arms can often end up being too short to be effective and that's a safety issue.  I see guys on TGR bend brakes around 130mm underfoot skis and end up with maybe an inch of brake arm below the ski bottom.

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Sadly they don't normally sell them separately, but I begged/pleaded/finagled a pair of TPI2 system rails out of Rossi season before last to install on an old pair of Hart skis I got off eBay. Had a shop install them, and then used a pair of bindings from another pair of Rossi skis. Worked great, easier on/off than anything else I've come across, and as mentioned provides not only for wide BSL range but playing with effective mount point. All good!




Also sadly looks like the designs are functionally very similar but probably not interoperable. Then again,

has anyone ever tried to slip a Head/Tyrolia binding on a Rossi TPI2 rail, or vice versa?


Seems like Rossi might offer some binding/brake options to work with rails and wider skis...


Rossignol Binding line consists of the 3 different binding styles. All 3 styles are offered in flat versions

which can be mounted on any flat ski as well as our TPI2 models which are easy tool free integrated

systems included in TPI2 skis.



A little addendum...


I emailed the guys at Level 9 and got this back from them...


We do not sell PR or TPI2 baseplates by themselves, unfortunately. The systems are not cross compatible.

Even different Tyrolia plate systems are not cross compatible and no plate system works with bindings from

any other manufacturers.

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Just to keep this thread alive......


Still no wide brakes from Tyrolia. I recall I had to spread the brakes for my Mojo 94s a few years back. I have asked Dawgcatching to give me his feelings on mounting them to a pair of Rock'n Rolls.

I'll advise.

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I need baseplates for  Head PRD12, if anyone has any lead or info where to get them. Few calls to retailers yielded no results.


Link for wide brakes:


I believe that these brakes would work with PRD12 (Tyrolia Powerail), I called them and they assured me that it is a proper brake, but never ordered them since my (bent) brakes are just fine. Great binding system. does not add much weight and it is sits low to the ski.

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Have you tried Level Nine? They have a good stock of Head/Tyrolia bindings and should have what you need.
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Level9 does not have them but are willing to order them for me (few weeks lead time). Still deciding should I order HEAD REV80 with PRD14 or go flat with something else and use plates for my PRD12. Different topic though.


Thanks for suggesting Level9.

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Originally Posted by goranmilos View Post

I need baseplates for  Head PRD12, if anyone has any lead or info where to get them. Few calls to retailers yielded no results.


Link for wide brakes:


I believe that these brakes would work with PRD12 (Tyrolia Powerail), I called them and they assured me that it is a proper brake, but never ordered them since my (bent) brakes are just fine. Great binding system. does not add much weight and it is sits low to the ski.

I tried a Google search and saw a few possible sources.

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The PowerRail (PRD) series only goes up to 88mm for brakes (without bending).  It doesn't make a lot of sense considering the older Railflex series bindings can go much, much wider (94mm and 120mm).  I'm also not sure what's going on with Head/Tyrolia in making these new PowerRail series (and the parts) available in the U.S.  It shouldn't be this hard.

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Noodler,  his link above has a 115 brake at Al's ski barn.  I have been looking for something like this and was drifting toward demo Griffons, but now I am thinking about these as an option too.

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I don't believe the listing is correct.  I checked the Head/Tyrolia catalog, tech manual, and dealer web site and there is no 115mm brake for the PowerRail series.  If you look at the description you can see that they're "confused" because there is no such thing as an "LD" PowerRail binding.

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