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PSIA-E ProJam/Masters Academy

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Is anyone else going to the Pro Jam / Master's Academy at Killington in December?

I know this should probably be in the Meeting on the hill thread, but it'll get more exposure here.
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I've been considering it, but I'm actually not really sure what it is. What do you actually do at Pro Jam is it more "personal development" or teaching oriented? I'd like to hear from those who have gone, and if they thought it was worth it.
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I've been to it about 10 times (10 of the past 12 years - signed up the other years but bailed due to weather). Basically, you will learn whetever you want to learn. If you want to work on teaching skills, or exam prep (skiing or teaching) or personal skiing, or shut up and ski fast, or whatever. Because there are so many people there, there are always enough people to make up groups that want to work on the same thing. I wouldn't go back every year if it wasn't worth it. It's incredibly cheap for what you get out of it. It's an educational event during the day and a party at night (if you want it to be). By far, it's the best event you could ever go to. Think of all the great stuff you've heard about the Epic Ski Academy, then have 500 people show up. All of the clinicians are examiners, and the clinicians for the Master's Academy are the National Alpine Demo Team. They have loads of demo vans there all week. Last year I only skied on my own skis on monday morning and friday afternoon. I've even demo'd helmets. Other people have demo'd boots. Gregg Hoffman and his crew fro Green Mountain Orthodic Labs (GMOL) are there all week to do fittings. You'll also get your group video taped, and get a chance to review the footage with your clinician. The PSIA "company store" will be there to sell you any PSIA literature and videos (they even have some logo clothing for sale).

I've never met anyone who has regretted it (other than the really bad weather years), and most people make a habit of going every year because it's such a great event.

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I was considering going but you've about sealed the deal. Where can I find reasonable, low-cost housing?

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John D,

In the newsletter that you just got last week, they have info on the Mountain Inn. It's a whopping $65/night per room for a double, and it's at the top of the access road, maybe 1/4 mile from the lodge. That's where they put up the Ed Staff. It fills up pretty quickly. Last year I stayed at (I think it's called) the Killington Lodge because the Mountain Inn was full when I called. Basically you can find lots of good stuff at K's web site. That's how I found the K Lodge. It's this big red A-Frame looking place about 1 mile down the access road. It was nice and clean and cheap. The number for the Mountain Inn is in the newsletter. If you have a group of people going, you can get in a condo even cheaper (per person). My ski are generally has about 15-30 people that show up. In the past, when we were more organized (before the organizer moved out west) we would get a block of about 5-7 3 and 4 bedroom condos all in a row, and we could stay the whole week for under $100/pp. But that was years ago and at Mt Snow, where they used to hold the event.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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Since it's just before the Epic Tune-Up, I think I'll sign up. The folks at PSIA-East said I could attend even though my home region is Rocky Mountain, so...

Would it be best to fly into Burlington? Rutland? and rent a car? Love to keep lodging expenses under $65 per night. Anybody want to double up on a room or get some folks together in a condo? All of the previously mentioned places recommended? Any other info is welcome! Should be fun!

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I've attended 3 out ofthe last 6 years and will be there again this year. I'll reiterate everything JohnH said about the event - good writeup.

My group is already complete since we'll be driving from the Carolinas and Virginia. John's advice on lodging is great as well.

As far as flying is concerned Rutland is the local town but I'd recommend looking into Albany, NY to save airfare but look a car rental prices as well since that tends to be more expensive in larger cities. You may be able to find shuttle buses from the Rutland airport to Killington. I'm not sure but I think the drive to Killington from Albany may be quicker and/or easier than the drive from Burlington as well. If you fly into Burlington you will need to rent a car - just like Albany.

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You guys have preformed groups? Do you get to pick your instructors each day?

MikeM - fly into Albany or Burlington.
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I meant my travel and lodging group is already together so we don't have a bed available.

As far as on snow groups is concerned most of the groups are ad hoc based on the participant's preference. There are a few loosely formed groups who work with the same clinician (examiner who is teaching every year. The leader of my travel group has been skiing with the same participants and clinician for the past 3-4 years. I was in that group two years ago and hope to join them again.

There is a strong sense of camraderie at the Snow Pro Jam. We learn alot and it's a great way to start off the season. The exposure to examiners in a casual environment is also priceless - especially if you are looking to go for the next level.

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I have been to 4 or 5 of the events, not attending this year, but every year, a group from Stowe do attend. We have, for the past few years been renting a condo(sometimes 2), sometimes the group is about 12, this year I think it will be a bit smaller.
If you want to be put in contact with this group, email me.
Remember that tomorrow --Monday 29th--is the first day to apply, and I would recommend having your application date stamped for tomorrow.
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I mailed my application for the Masters Academy today. Who else is going?

Does anyone want a roomate?

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We found cheap airfares from Denver to Burlington on Hotwire .com, for $239 round trip. Only one plane change in Detroit.

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Hey John!

I'll be at Pro Jam again this year. Arleta is organizing housing for the Whitetail people and assorted friends).

I know it's a great event, but I personally would not fly from Denver to get to it.

And a note to the "other" Rusty. Sorry, there's a new Rusty in town who is egotistical enough to claim to be "the" Rusty.
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First of all welcome.

I think we can peacefully coexist!
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