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Back to skiing after 15 years....

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I learned to ski as a kid and skiied for about 10 years before giving it up for snowboarding.  Just recently I tried skiing again after 15 years away from it and fell in love all over again.  I need some equipment now though.  I'm looking for some all mountain skis.  Right now I'm skiing at a high intermediate/low advanced level after going twice.  I'm 5'7", 158 lbs.  I found some skis and bindings on rei.com and was wondering if they were any good or right for me: Dynastar Exlusive Legend Skis/NX Exclusive Legend Bindings 09/10; Salomon Mai Tai Skis 09/10; Volkl Estrella Skis/Attiva 3Motion 10.0 Bindings 09/10; Rossignol Voodoo SC80 Skis/Saphir 110 Bindings.  I'm also not sure what length I should be skiing on.  The ones I rented were 150s.  Any feedback/advice is appreciated. 

Thanks so much,
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Welcome.  Maybe trekchick or Sierra Jim can give you an expert opinion.
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I'm mainly concerned with what length skiis I need.  If anyone has any thoughts/suggestions that would be great!  I'm 5'7", 158 lbs, and am skiing at a high intermediate level.  I rented 150's, but am not sure if I should go longer.  Looking for an all-mountain ski.  Thanks!
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Maybe you can list the two Dynastars and change the thread topic to the ski names and someone will help you out with some expert advice?
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To address your question regarding ski length:

My wife is 5'4", level 7/8 and her skis are 163cm.  I'm 5'9", level 7/8, weight about 165 and my skis are 170cm.  Another couple we ski with, he's 6'1 or 6'2, level 7/8, 175 lbs, and skis whatever the next size K2 Apache Recon is above 170cm.  She's 5'6", level 8/9, and skis 163cm.  IMHO, the 150cm skis are too short, you should be skiing at least 163cm skis. 
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Meg - I think Brig might be correct about the title..
IF you're really skiing at a low adv. level, you should consider a slightly wider / longer ski, with a med. turn  radius. IMHO.
A ski that is all -mtn. will require that it perform in soft snow as well as on boilerplate/crud, etc., which are completely opposite tasks for a ski. Do your demoing b4 you decide on a ski, if you can. Knowing that the ski you're on is a guaranteed winner for you isn't guaranteed until you ski it, and even then, it'll take days on snow to really 'feel' the ski.
My advice - try now, buy later, off-season, when your favorite ski is a model year old! Save some $$.
If you can't wait ( us gear whores are like that! :)  ) make sure that any ski will give you a bit of room to 'grow' into a higher level of performance. Don't buy a ski you can't control, but a ski that will let you get better without fighting it all the way!
My suggestions, a women's specific of course, k2c Lotta Luv, or one of the Volkl Attiva line. All great skis, you make a decision.
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Tom/Windy - Thanks so much for the information and advice.  I really appreciate it and feel I'm on the right path now in my quest for ski gear. 
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BTW, one more consideration on the length/width.  If you like to ski fast on cruisers, go for a longer length, maybe 170cm.  If you like moguls, the 163cm would be better.  If you like powder, look for a ski that's wider underfoot.

Now is the time to start looking online for the best ski deals.  I bought my Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuels online at the end of the season last year and paid $579 with bindings.  My wife bought the Nordica Olympia Victory from a local shop before they shut their doors for $589 with bindings.  Both skis were top-rated last year.
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