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Rossignol Alias

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So I just came back from weeks skiing where I rented a pair of Rossignol Zenith Oversize skis. They were great for me to progress.

After looking around my local ski shops (I'm a Brit so not too many options) and online I found some good deals on these. Apparently, the Zenith's are changing next season in name only so there are some good deals about.

I like to ski the piste and off piste when I can, maybe 10 weeks on skis so an all mountain ski like the Zenith looks a perfect fit, but I just read about a new ski for next season called the Alias ski on the web at http://www.ski-review.com/content/view/1686/34/1/1/ and I really like the idea.

So I know it'll be more expensive, and I know I won;t be able to even buy/try it yet but a rockered piste ski like the Alias sounds like it would really work for me. Any advice?
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Hmm, nobody? The more I read, the more I think I cannot actually go wrong with the Alias. But I wonder if the rocker is worth waiting longer and paying a lot more.
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Plot thickens - this is called the Avenger in the US...
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 SteepDeep, It's not the norm to hear crickets when a gear thread is started, but evidently there isn't a lot of info about this particular ski, eh?

I did do a quick search for the Avenger after your last post and found a few threads where this ski was discussed.  Hope these help you in your fact finding mission.

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Thanks Trekchick.

After my post I am now not so sure that Avenger == Alias! Avenger seems to be Rossi's all mountain ski (a.k.a the Zenith in Europe) More research to be done!
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