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Terrain Skiing : How to Master Tough Skiing Like the Experts

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Anyone read this book by Seth Masia? If so do you recommend it?
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haven't, but R. Mark Elling's The All-Mountain Skier is an excellent book that seems to cover the same ground
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Seth Masia had a book out some time ago called "Mastering the Mountain" or some such name. Although Elling's book is excellent, Masia has a different approach and style, so given the opportunity, I'd take a look at both.
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Thanks. I've got Elling's book and found it excellent.
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Titles like that are a bit silly though, because if you master tough terrain 'like an expert' than you ARE one!
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But......"ANYONE" can be an "EXPERT" skier! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Sorry, bored, could'nt stop myself!
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I've read both Masia's and Elling's books; both pretty good, depending on your level. Check the second hand book shops.

There is some overlap in the material although the all-mountain skiier is somewhat more exhaustive. The section on equipment is dated but the technique is still applicable for the most part.

But better still, in my mind (I've read this as well) is "The new guide to skiing" by Martin Heckelman. Well written and very useful with guidance for specific situations well explained. I think better than the All-mountain skier

I've read Skiing and the art of Carving. It's also good but I think targeted to more beginner/intermediate. Still, a very useful book

You might also want to check out "The Athletic Skier". I read this a couple of year s ago. The first hafl of this one is focused on alignment, set-up, etc. Useful and the second part of the book really talks much more about carving technique. This is a good book.
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. . . and while we're at it: If you can find a used copy of The Centered Skier, by Denise McLuggage [did I spell that correctly?] you'll have an approach that's different yet again.

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I agree that Elling's equipment discussions are dated, but the techniques he describes definitely are not. So, it's really more an issue of the accompanying photos looking very old-school.

I also agree that Warren Witherell's The Athletic Skier is a worthy addition.

And back on the subject of old-school, an irreplaceable addition to anyone's ski book library is Warren Witherell's How the Racers Ski, a timeless book on the essence of carving like a racer. I learned to carve in the early to mid 80s thanks to Witherell's book. It helped me get more out of my Dynamic VR27 SL Carbons.

I still want to read Ellen Post Foster's book on carving.

Lisa Feinberg Densmore wrote a good book on racing technique, fitness and stragegy, but I forget the name. I read most of it one rainy day at my local Barnes & Noble.
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Densmore's book is "Ski Faster", I enjoyed it as a novice racer. Talks a little about categories of racing GS, downhill, SL etc. Helpful tips on race tactics and ski prep. Has a chapter on equipment that is repetitive if you've got any other skiiig books.

I thought the best part was her first chapter which spelled out her 10 tips for skiing faster. I good book, fairly well written in my view and worth a look-see if your interested in racing.
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