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Recon/Zeal Goggles with GPS Technology

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Recon Instruments is a British Columbian company that is introducing the worlds first heads up display goggle system. These goggles are in the final testing stages and will be available for purchase before the next ski/snowboard season! They have paired up with Zeal Optics, a high end goggle manufacturer centrally located in Colorado, as many of you probably know.

We are doing some market testing and research to find out how to reach the target group and to get these goggles on the heads of everybody who would want to know things like Speed, Airtime, Jump Rotation, Temperature, Altitude, as well as numerous other features, along with a GPS system on-board.

Please visit the link below to view a short 2 minute video featuring the technology and specs and then if you could spare anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes to complete a brief survey that will help us determine how to bring these to market efficiently.


Thanks for helping us out!
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Welcome to EpicSki.   Please consider one of the  sponsorship programs which are required for products to be advertised or promoted on the forums.  I have sent  you a private message, and am posting here advise members there is no need to report this post. 
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Thanks for the post, while you get squared away with board sponsorship options ...

I'll take the survey - but will also mention that I'm interested, assuming good optics, the HUD doesn't get in the way, might need a day/night setting so brightness is appropriate for ambient light levels, and battery life is at least enough for a full day of skiing. A feature you didn't list that would be cool would be tracking friends in your group with the same goggles, though that might be too complicated and require a constant wireless connection. Combining the HUD features with a walkie talkie feature might also be worth considering, though again, may add excessive bulk and weight. Thanks for working on what I think is a very interesting project - I'm a gadget nerd in my life outside of skiing.
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Those goggles look awesome... I actually put a Pre-order request in February when they were announced. I tend to be an early adopter when it comes to electronics, being that I'm an Electrical Engineer I love gadgets.
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Watched the video, took the survey. Some of the "coming next" features are exciting but seem difficult technologically or in terms of UI ... would like to know more about how trailmaps would work and how you could track your friends via the HUD without the goggles somehow talking to each other wirelessly.

Also would like to know about the lens technology. It would make me more likely to buy if the lenses are interchangeable so I could use orange, yellow or clear.

Assuming no gotchas, the price seems very reasonable.

I think most people who buy these would buy them online and would hear about them online or via word of mouth.
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 Took the survey.  Goggles are cool, but the only way I'd buy them is if they came on Tramdock (or another website) deeply discounted.  They might be worth the price, but the features/coolness wouldn't justify spending that kind of money. 

Definitely would be a small niche market imo.

What I'd love to see is a heads up display with little dots showing skiers behind me, particularly ones that were overtaking me.  That would have a lot of value in terms of safety and would justify spending more money to save my ass from getting hit from behind.  Speed, etc. could be done on something in my pocket or on a watch with almost as much value to me.
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@SkiMangoJazz:  I've to admit that you had the foresight not to buy a $600 goggle.


Some people didn't when they made a big noise this summer. Apparently their tech does not work and their support calls them  dimwit for not being able to work their product.  Now those users are complaining in other forums about how shoddy it is and how they refuse  to refund their $$$$ and instead blame them for not knowing how to use the goggles.

Really what were these guys smoking when they bought a $600 goggle :)

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Its called bleeding edge technology for a reason.


My take on these goggles is along with displayed real time info thru the HUD is a real tree to eliminate the idiot 'H' in HUD.

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I am not a big jumper, but why the f&$ck do you need to know your airtime while jumping? To have a momentary thought of, dude, I have been airborn for 2.5 seconds...SLAMMM...???? I'd think you have something else to think about while jumping The only reason I see in those is to not to consult the map. Maybe useful sometimes, but I am not plunking down $600 for that.
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At some point (and they're already probably pretty close) the cost of these goggles won't be much different than buying a separate pair of high end goggles and a GPS unit.  Having the integration between the two for easier controls and the heads up display is a win in my book.  I'm a skier who regularly uses GPS and I applaud this initiative.

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I just got mine. I have spent untold fortunes on gps and altimeter watches over the years. The altimeter ones are terribly inaccurate for altitude because the read air pressure. And even with a gps watch I still can't tell what freaking time it is without taking off my gloves. I might be unlike other skiers in that I meet people place and have to pick up my kids, so o need to know what time it is.

The clock in the display on these is with the money. Add the gps and ability to map trails and you have a bargain in my opinion. You can see how your speed changes over time and with different gear, you can record you runs and figure out which ones you liked but forgot the name of, you can count runs, see speed, check the temp....all without removing any gear or even stopping.

Sure, you can get good goggles for $200. But you get a he'll of a lot more for $400 with these bad boys. Buy the best once, then stop thinking about it.
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I don't know how putting a GPS chip inside a goggle is going to make the information more accurate than a GPS chip that is not mounted on a goggle.


IMO, I am not sure if this is a good idea frokm a safety standpoint. It gives skiers and riders another excuse to not pay attention to what they are doing or where they are going. The idea freaks me out a bit. Skiers and riders already can be seen on their cell phone talking while skiing. Now they are going to be watching a display while telling their friends on the phone how fast they are going. Sweet.


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I tried these on in a ski shop today.  The display is in the extreme lower right of the goggles and for me at least, no matter how I adjusted the goggles I could not see the display with out reaching up and pushing the goggle up and out a bit.


What I'm really looking for is an excellent app that leverages the iPhone GPS.  I don't care about real-time display or even being able to check on the lift.

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It would seem common sense was left out of the design R&D process.  ;)  And yeah - I agree.  Goggles are used to primarily help one to see better - not to overload one's grey matter with more information than we're already working to process when moving at speed. 

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