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Giro manifest goggles lens color?

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I received a pair of Giro Manifest Goggles it came with the Gold Boost 75, and the Rose silver lens...
Are either one of these lens suitable for skiing on sunny days?

Giro Rose Silver Lens

Giro Gold Boost 75 lens

I'd buy a different lens, but I can't even find them online to buy. (When I click buy on the Giro site it links me to resellers that don't have it) Anyone know a source

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My wife and I each have a pair of Manifest goggles that I bought at the end of last season to go with our new Omen helmets.  Of the two lenses, one is clearly an amber color which I assume is the Gold Boost lens and works well in overcast or low light conditions.  The other one, which I assume is the Rose Silver, is noticeably darker and works fine on sunny days.  Before I got on the slopes I didn't think this lens would be dark enough but my eyes are a little light sensitive and it's been fine on days with bright sun.

I really like the ease with which you can quickly change lenses.  I've skied with them at various resorts in Tahoe and Utah this season.  In Tahoe we had heavy overcast/fog and/or storms for the first three days and the amber lens worked better than my Habervision goggles with the Optic Orange lens, which I found too dark.  When the skies became mostly sunny/partly cloudy for the last three days, I was able to easily swap the lenses in less than a minute on the lift or at the top of a run to adapt to changing light conditions.  The extra lens fit easily in the goggle pocket of my jacket below my armpit and fit the curve of my torso. 

I was also disappointed that Giro doesn't seem to have any other lenses, even though there are indications that you can get replacement lenses.  My e-mails to Giro went unanswered.  IMHO, they have extremely poor customer service.

In hindsight, while I like the Manifest goggles, I wish that I had looked into the Smith IO goggles before I got the Manifest.  Smith offers a whole range of lenses for the IO and you can even buy them on Amazon.
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Thanks for your input TomF... I think I'll give the company a call tomorrow and see if they can answer me on where to find replacement lens..
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Did anyone make any progress with Giro on this?  I'm having the same problem.

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