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Ski Patrol, the offseason.

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So i am sorta new here, and im sure this has been answered many times. So please dont flame.

Now, i am curious as to what Ski Patrol does during the off season as far a job wise. Now i would figure they would be an emt being you need an emt license to be ski patrol. However i would find it hard to believe that they would just let emt's go for the whole winter being as most of them work 4-5 days a week at the resorts.

So is there any Ski patrol on here that would care to answer this question? Or anyone that knows?

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 Soulskier, you'll be happy to know that EpicSki has a Patrol Shack that has a wealth of information about ski patrolling...
Both of the threads that Bob Lee linked are in that forum area.  Enjoy!
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Like the John Travolta page ad for Breitling wrist watches listing his Profession: Pilot & Career: Actor; some folks like our dentist are fortunate finding that kind of rewarding balance.   Along with a successful practice he has had long time of service with ski patrol as well as a great passion for mountaineering in general.  He certainly has worked hard to achieve his particular balance as have many who have found ways to wear a patrol jacket full or part time.  I’m just now reminded I’ll be in his office chair this very Thursday  and see him administering first aid on the slope by this weekend :


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Most patrollers are volunteers.  So we work the same jobs in the summer as we do in the winter.
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 DD thanks for posting that.  It made me remember your story form Loveland and gave me a nice hump day chuckle!
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cheers to all patrollers...
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thanks for all the info guys, sorry i missed the patrol shack myself in the first place. lol
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 My brother was a pro patroller and worked on area maintenance during the summer, so he was a full time employee.  Later he started a construction company and did custom remodels in the off season.
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I'm pretty sure most of them hybernate(so to speak) in the patrol shack until the first storm of the next season.
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I have 2 friends that are pro-patrollers, the one at Steamboat works in her husbands (paint contracting business) in the summer and is also a Mom to their 3 kids. The one at Brighton is a paramedic with the Sandy FD; works nights at the FD in the winter, patrols in the daytime. Works a swing shift with the FD in the summer.
I also have many friends that are volunteer patrollers, they work around their normal activities to allow them to patrol 1 to 2 shifts per week.
Either way it ain't a high paying job. But selling T-shirts to tourists or volunteering for the EMS service isn't a get rich scheme either.
I also know some patrollers are smokejumpers with the US Forest Service in the summer, not well aquinted with them to know the particulars.
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A friend of mine is ski patrol in MA (not sure which resort), as soon as the season is over he is off working at the race track.
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My friends that patrol just go to other areas in their off seasons. they are moving town every few months!
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