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Dinner recommendations for Breckenridge

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Wow, some of these threads are really old and haven't been updated in more than a year!

My wife and I are headed to Breckenridge for six days on 3/26/10 for some late season skiing and we're looking for some recommendations for dinner since our last trip there was almost 10 years ago.  My wife's culinary range is limited and her favorite foods are Italian, Mexican, pizza, burgers, steak (no Thai, sushi, etc.).  Our preferences are for more casual restaurants rather than upscale dining when we're skiing.

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Mrs goblue & I like Lucha Colorado Cantina on the south end of Main Street for Mexican, and Michaels for Italian.

Relish and Ember are also very good, but don't fit your "casual" criteria, and are relatively pricy.
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Vinny's in Frisco is currently my favorite in the area (although I have not tried everything, including Goblue's recs)- I'd called it somewhere between casual and upscale (for Summit County which would make it casual in major cities).  Not simple food, but these guys know what they are doing.  Lunch has a more limited menu with sandwiches, etc at a good value for a nice place. 

Mi Casa in Breck and Hacienda in Frisco are two good Mexican places.
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If you get further afield than just Breckenridge, I also recommend for good casual food Dillon Dam Brewery and Ristorante Al Lago (this one is a fave of Mrs. blue and her girlfriends because of the ridiculously handsome waiters complete with charming Italian accents) in Dillon, as well as the Snake River Saloon outside Keystone.
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I like Tuscato in Frisco.
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The Blue River Bistro on North Main Street in Breck offers large portions of delicious food. They have 2 for 1 martini happy hours for apres and later in the night. Loads of martini options from a straight martini to chocolate, espresso and lemon.
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The one place we ate in Breck on our trip this week is the South Ridge Fish Grill on Ridge St., we got a tip from an instructor to go between 4 and 6 for cheap appetizers. It's an upscale setting but we were not the only ones in ski pants and baseball caps, and we had some peel and eat shrimp (.25 each!), a white bean hummus plate with the hummus, olives, a whole head of roasted garlic, cuke slices and grape tomatoes, served with pita wedges, that cost us a whopping 4 bucks and it was delicious. We also had the smoked trout dip, which might not appeal to your wife but I bet she'd love it -- I'm not a huge fan of fish and I loved it. I think that set us back another 4 bucks. The food and 4 beers for two of us and our bill was about $28 before tip, and that was definitely enough for us for dinner.

In Frisco, go to the Backcountry Brewery, sit in the bar, it has a fantastic view of the mountains, and their food is very good and reasonable, and you can order small and large sizes on many items (like nachos, shepherd's pie.) We thought the nachos were better than any we've had in a restaurant in a really long time, small order, 8 bucks, enough for the two of us for dinner! Go to Ollies for the buffalo wings, don't get wings at the Backcountry. The Backcountry also has good buffalo chili, that and a small salad set me back $6.50. They also call themselves a pizzeria, but we didn't try the pizza. Very friendly place and good beer, too.

The Dam Brewery in Dillon has good beer too, and at $2.50 a beer during happy hour you can't beat the price. We didn't think their nachos were all that great, though. The Breckenridge Brewery was recommended to us also for half price apps, but we never made it there.

Again in Frisco, our two "real" dinners were at Food Hedz and Silverheels, both were excellent but more pricey. I'd definitely go back to either of them. I'll spare you the details unless you want to hear them.  

In keeping with my theme, for lunch at Breck you can't beat the prices at the Peak 9 restaurant, which is privately owned and much less expensive than the other lodges on the mountain. They'll even give you free water in something larger than a dixie cup, and we were informed that our cups of coffee entitled us to a free refill. Today we had one slice of pepperoni, small soda, beef brisket sandwich with chips on the side, total was $16 even, the cheapest ski lunch for two I've had in years.
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Right in town, on the Main Street strip - Modis is a good palce to go. It's modern (something harder to come by in Breck). Creative menu, and global wine list. Check out the local paper for their specials.
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Angel's Hollow
  • 113 S. Ridge StreetBreckenridgeCO 80424
  • 970 453-8585

It's real amidst the Disneyfied facade of Breck and the owner/waiter is a ringer for the late Frank Zappa. Oh, the food is good, the portions abundant, the ambience is authentic, the prices reasonable and the service is colorful and efficient. Just finish dining before a Neil Diamond song starts to play and the place erupts in a raucous sing-a-long. They respond similarly to the Flo & Eddie/ Turtles hit, "So Happy Together."

Within walking distance of town center. Look for the blue & white holiday lights as well as pirate flags on the exterior.
Tell em' "Flo & Eddie sent me" for your discount.
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Originally Posted by Vinstant View Post

Angel's Hollow
  • 113 S. Ridge StreetBreckenridgeCO 80424
  • 970 453-8585

It's real amidst the Disneyfied facade of Breck...

Agreed. I also love Jalapeno's for Mexican food. Amazing salsa bar. Very low key, not Tex Mex. Kinda hard to find, it's across the river from Main Street.
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Well, we're back from our Breckenridge ski trip (to Colorado Springs at least) and I'm sorry to say, our dining experiences were not good.  The best meal we had in Breckenridge was the night that we made pasta with turkey meat sauce, garlic bread, and a bottle of wine in our rental condo.  The second best was having leftovers the next night.

We ate at Mi Casa on the night we arrived after skiing at Keystone since it was just down the street for our condo.  It was snowing heavily and we didn't want to venture too far.  As it was, we had problems getting out of the parking lot which was below street level since there was a layer of ice under the fresh snow and we couldn't get up the driveway without some assistance from two passersby who helped push the car.  As for the food and drink, we weren't particularly impressed and this place doesn't come close to comparing to Baja Cantina in Park City or most San Diego Mexican restaurants.  I couldn't taste any tequila in either of my two Margaritas, even after I told the waiter to have the bartender actually put some tequila in my second one.

The next meal out was at the Backcountry Brewery in Frisco after skiing at Copper Mountain.  I thought that Tuscato looked like a good Italian restaurant, but I got outvoted as everyone wanted to go to the brewery.  We ate in the bar, by the fireplace, and our waitress was very friendly and helpful.  We ordered our brews and dinner.  Then began the long wait.  After nearly a half hour wait, our dinner finally arrived.  The portions were plentiful and the food was pretty good.  My buffalo burger was kind of dry, but tasty.  My brother-in-law had a huge full slab of ribs, which he and everyone else at the table couldn't finish.  The ribs were very  good.  My wife enjoyed her chicken pasta dish.  After the food arrived however, our waitress disappeared again.  Other than the two carafes of water were were given initially, we were not offered water refills and even though I had been nursing my beer waiting for dinner, I was not asked if I wanted another.  Since the waitress and everyone else had disappeared I had to eat my dinner with the remaining 1/4 glass of warm beer.  After we were finished, we had to go find someone and ask for the bill.  After getting the bill, again we had to go find someone to ring it up.  We actually never saw our waitress again after the food was delivered.  Bottom line, good and plentiful food, but really lousy service.

Our final meal out was our last night in Breckenridge.  After reading various reviews of Angel's Hollow, we chose this very eclectic restaurant off Main Street.  We had read mixed reviews, some people love it, others hated it.  We really wanted to like this place and Lee, a dead ringer for Frank Zappa, and Mary, the waitress, were very friendly.  Lee comes to your table and sits and talks to you while taking your order.  I ordered the fish and chips and my wife ordered the chicken Philly cheese steak.  My piece of fish was heavily breaded, greasy, and on the small side.  I thought that I should have gotten two pieces of fish that size.  The fries, however, were horrible.  Greasy, limp, and not very tasty.  They tasted more like they were soaked in oil and then baked, and then maybe fried.  Among the worst fries I've ever had.  I've had better fish and chips at church and town dinners and most places, including fast food joints, have fries that are way better than these.  Lee came around and asked us if we were happy and if the food was good.  I lied and said yes.  The table of three next to us ordered off the specials menu and they raved about their food.  One had stroganoff that looked great, another had a seafood salad that was presented very well with two curvy pieces of bacon on top.  They raved about their food.  Everyone else in the restaurant seemed to love their food.  People posed with Lee and took pictures.  I guess we ordered the wrong things.

Thanks for all the recommendations!  I'm glad that everyone else enjoyed their dining experiences in Breckenridge.  I wish we could have.  At least the skiing was great!

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Huh. Just saw this thread. For future reference, the only decent restaurant in Breck is Les Petit Paris.  By far, the best restaurant in Summit County is currently Vinny's in Frisco.  And you got served in only 30 minutes at Backcountry Brewery?  That must be a world record.  Their service is the absolute worst.
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Originally Posted by raspritz View Post

Huh. Just saw this thread. For future reference, the only decent restaurant in Breck is Les Petit Paris.  By far, the best restaurant in Summit County is currently Vinny's in Frisco.  And you got served in only 30 minutes at Backcountry Brewery?  That must be a world record.  Their service is the absolute worst.

Incorrect.....Vinny's might be in the top 3 in Frisco.......Food Hedz is far and away the best food in Frisco and the Himalayan place is better than Vinny's as well. 
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I was in Breck last week and really didn't have a bad meal anywhere, thougt we ate in the condo a lot and I am not all that adventurous when it comes to food.  We had dinner the first night at Breckenridge Brewery.  I had their Sunday special which was a very large and very tasty prime rib at a very fair price of $14.99.  I also enjoyed one of their vanilla porters which is one of my favorite beers.  We had dinner another night at The Motherloaded Tavern.  Most of our group had sanwhiches.  I had their cuban which was pretty good.  One guy did have the chicken and waffles which was interested and smelled delicious.  Our final night there we had dinner at The Whale's Tail which is one of my favorite places to eat there.  I had not been to Breck in 9 years and the food was as good as I remember it.  We had lunch one day at Empire Burger.  It's nothing particularly fancy but a pretty good burger place.  Even the 1 lunch I ate on the mountain at The Burgenhoff was decent though not cheap since I paid $17.50 for a chicken sandwhich, chips, and a bottle of Gatorde..  It was better than most on-mountain fodd I have had the last couple of years though. 
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Shameless plug for pizza in Breck.  Ride the gondola down, go towards main street, find Northside pizza basically right across the blue from the gondola.  Sit down and enjoy dollar PBRs all day and super good happy hour deals on aps and wings plus you get to hang with local Breck rippers.  

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