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What do you think about my choice? Light park skis wanted

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Hey guys,

I'm riding k2 PEs at the moment, I mounted them +4, so they are still quite all mountain and I had lots and lots of fun in the powder as well as on groomers.
I've got px12 bindings on them and use my fathers boots, which are heavy heavy heavy.
I also think the PEs are quite heavy.

I bought them to try out a few things on kickers and boxes and to, of course, have a very good all-mountain ski.
I was not disappointed! Great skis overall.

Buuut, now I'd like to go park all the way. I'm searching for a very light pure (!) park setup, since I can still ride my PEs as an all-mountain ski.

My choice at the moment is:

Volkl Wall (09/10 cost 250€ at the moment, which I think is preeetty cheap for them?)
Marker 12 Griffon
Salomon SPK Kaos

I wanted either spk kaos or dalbello krypton rampage for boots, but my local store didn't have the latter, so I tried the kaos today.
At first they pinched a bit at the top of the foot, but it's gotten better with time, and even more better when another sole (bit flatter) was put into the shoe. Great shoes! They felt extremely comfortable and were awesomely light!
Should I stick with them? The guy suggested nordica ace of spades boots instead, but I thought they were waay heavier and a lot stiffer.

Also what about the bindings and skis, any better suggestions?
Marker Jester maybe? Would be +80€ compared to the griffons. Worth it?
PX 12 again?

Last question is about the ski length.
I am around 5' 9, so 176cm, and my PEs are 169 and I find them quite hard to spin. I always liked a bit shorter skis better, but of course I will mount the binding true center, so this will make the wall a bit shorter. Should I pick a longer version?
I've read that once one is better in the park, a longer ski will be more suitable, and I'd rather like to grow into than out of skis that expensive...
So what's my choice here?

Thanks a lot in advance guys! Any help is appreciated!
Great forum by the way!
best regards

//edit: I'm like 65kg, if that matters
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shamless bump :)

come on guys, I dunno how long the offer for the wall will last.

volkl wall+griffon 12= 370€=$510
pretty cheap I think?

Guess im going for the 169 and griffon now.
Griffons seem to be pretty light and my px 12 are on DIN 8 or something.
169 because 177 seems too big, heavy and hard to turn for me.

Good choice, buy nao?
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You will be very happy with that set up. the Wall will perform well all over the mountain,plus the Griffon is a solid choice.Park set up will be mounted true center,not boot center.Make sure you let whoever mounts them your full intention.Good luck and enjoy!
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Great, thanks!

True center not boot center... Can you explain that further?
Boot center means middle of the boot sole is on middle of the ski...?
And true center means, what is in the true center of the ski?

Guess I'll order 169 walls+griffons tomorrow!
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On the ski you will see two lines,one will say true center(park and pipe),the other will say boot center(all mountain. If you intend on spending the majority of your time in the Park than true center is your mounting point.The middle of your boot should line up with that line.It should make more sense once you have received your skis because you will see the lines I  am speaking of.Once again good luck and let me know if it makes sense.
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Ok cool, I think I remember 3 lines on the skis (saw them in the shop today). I'll probably know what u mean when I see them again. If i dont the person mounting them will for sure :D

I think the 3 lines where only for 3 different bindings or something, because for a  perfectly symmetrical ski true center really is the only way to go isnt it?

Thanks, ordering now!
If anyone has any cons to say or anything about the boots, please feel free :)
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A bunch  of my family uses SPKs as all around boots. Including use in the park. We obviously like them. Most of the rest are using Shogun/Poison due to a better fit for their feet.

BTW - if the SPK is or was tight on the top of your feet, odds are a Krypton or FT boot would not have worked.
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Very nice, thats good news! Ill go with the spk kaos definitely as well then!

Skis are ordered already :) cant wait to ski em!

Thanks again!
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