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Stingy Helmet

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No, this is not another helmet thread, my helmet is really stinky after a season of sweat, just wonder how do I clean it, is it safe to put into washing machine ( I have a machine without agitator) ?

And how do I prevent it in the future, I saw some pro put a beanie beneath the helmet, wouldn’t that be too hot.

stingy, stinky, Ha !
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Your helmet is excessively frugal?

No, do not put your helmet into a washing machine of any kind.  You can rinse your helmet in the sink with cold (maybe slightly warm) water, and squeeze water through the pads to rinse them.  Allow to air-dry away from heat.

You can prevent this in the future by rinsing your helmet more often.
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Originally Posted by DtEW View Post

Your helmet is excessively frugal?

phunny!  zactly what I thought!

as for 'stinky'; it gets treated the same as my bike helmet.
Liner doesn't come out (that'll change with my NEW UVEX)  so I take it into the shower with me. then after shower, some squeezin and drainage, then it air drys for a couple days (a little direct sunlight helps hasten that process...)
Bike helmet gets a shower once a week. So far the ski helmet has had 2 showers.
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Get a helmet with removable liner and this will get easier
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Or get the Giro Seam with an X-Static liner. Has silver fibers so it does not stink, and it has a ton of venting so I don't sweat.
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