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Tigersharks or Atomic GS12PB

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OK the end of season specials and my indecision have led me to the choice between the 180cm Atomis PB12 gs (non-fis) and 175cm tigershark 10ft this is for upper midwest ice groomers for a 45yo aspiring Nastar racer I really want to keep up with my kids.....

It will be my main ski to replace my beat up old six stars...

Any advice would be appreciated!
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Cannot comment on the Atomics however I can tell you that the Tigershark is a very well rounded and versatile Go To ski. A little less stiff and demanding than the Six Star but a whole lot of fun. Skis a whole lot of conditions very well and is capable of making turn shapes of all sizes. Hope this helps!P.S.  the IPT 12 binding with the piston will help immensely,keep this in mind.
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The six stars seem about right for stiffness - the six stars have the older model piston and it is noticeable especially on hardpack - I am worried the tigersharks are too soft and wont be as responsive as the six stars.
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Just going by family traits, the atomic will give you a more solid and secure feeling and the völkl will be more lively and playful. 

Going by stats, the 10' is a lower performance ski than the PB12GS.  If you want to compare to GS PB, you should be looking at racetiger titanium or 11'. 
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Correct me if I am wrong,the 10' with the powerswitch and the 11' are the same ski only different dimensions due to the getting rid of the 12' this year. The 10' without you are correct,it is softer and lower performance.The RT Titanium will basically be the same ski,only narrower and more GS like.  P.S. The Tigershark would be an 08-09 leftover. If I confused you I am sorry.
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Just going by stats:
Yes, the 2009 10' with power switch will have more performance than the 2010 10'.
From what I understand the 2010 11' power switch is slightly wider at 75 mm midfoot, longer turn radius, and slightly higher performing than the old 10' with power switch.  The racetiger RC  titanium is also a higher performance ski with a 67 mm waist.

Again, just going by family traits, and in my humble opinion: The atomics will let you get away with being heavy-handed (footed?) and ham-fisted.  The Völkl will require you develop a little finesse.  You can use power and finesse with either ski, it's just harder to learn to be subtle with the atomic feel imho.  Heads, like i.speed or old SS speed, split the difference in feel.
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Agree,if you are looking for a Nastar race ski then go with the narrower wasted performance skis such as the Atomics or Racetiger.For a more well rounded ski,the wider waist will be more versatile.You will have to decide which is most important to you.Not to add to the fire but I have heard a lot of nice things about the Fischer Progressor 9 as well.
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Tigersharks are 08-09 without the switch - the atomics are a demo pair that are basicly new in a 180cm - if I had the chance to demo them but our snow is over with already. As I think about it I suppose the Atomics are the way to go ...

200lbs 6'0" always silver sometimes gold division Nastar wannabe 

Any other suggestions? 
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Go with the tigersharks. IT totally dpeneds on your hill. I am skiing around a 12 handicap, on a harder midwest course set, while some of the sets i've seen work well with gs skis, the one I ski does not, you have to slide ot make turns or be powerful like bode. The courset is too tight. The new atomics double deck gs rec ski is popular, but thats ~17m vs >21m like the pb. Get the tiger sharks.  The gs pb ski will impede your improvement at this point.

Fun to freeski if you like to take 5 turns down the hill.
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I think the Atomic 12 PB is R=19 m at 180.
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