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Hey gang,
since demoing and buying my Nordica Enforcers a few weeks ago, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the Volkl Mantras... I'm thrilled with the Enforcers and do not regret the choice between the two at all. However, its getting towards the end of the season and I'm headed to Breckenridge for a few days this week. I'm curious if places are starting to sell demo gear yet?

I've got it in my head, perhaps mistakenly, that I might scoop a pair of Manta demos for $250-$350 - if that were the case, I'd gladly add them to my quiver (which is pretty much a 1 ski bag at this point since I bent my legend 8800s). 

Anyone have a line on a shop that won't run me out of town on a rail for asking in that range?

I suppose another consideration is to find some good bump skis - now or later in the season... but that may wait until next year when my ACL is a good 2 years out of reconstruction :D 

Thanks all!