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So this past weekend I took my L1 Clinic.  The examiner noted to me that he thought I was over canted and suggested some shims on the outside of both bindings to try it out.

My boots (Krypton Pro ID) have been fitted by GMOL.  The examiner knows them and had nothing but nice things to say about them.  We both agreed that the last step in boot fitting is on slope evaluation and I didn't do that with GMOL.  In the shop the fitters can get you almost there but probably won't be all the way.  At GMOL on the platform I was told my stance was well balanced/neutral.  I'm not bowlegged and when standing in bare feet, my ankles, calves, medial knee, and quads (just above knee) touch.

The next day he put 5 strips of duct tape on the outside edges of the bindings and said that was about 1 degree.  I did a couple of runs and all of a sudden my feet were closer and the examiner said I looked more natural and balanced.  It felt better and easier to me also.  Keep in mind this was in rain, sleet and strong winds and the snow was crusty up top and sloppy spring snow at the bottom.  Most of it wasn't groomed.  As crappy as the weather was, I wanted to keep skiing because I felt like I just got a new toy and I wasn't ready to go in yet.

He said I still needed to fine tune it (we ran out of time and they were keeping the lifts open for us) and I should go past what feels good and then back.  This would get me to whether I need a 1 degree shim, 1.5 or whatever. 

My question is "How do I self diagnose getting to the sweet spot"?  I now know what over canted feels like and what 1 degree shims feel like.  I'm guessing that if I'm under-canted, I'll have a hard time getting on the uphill edge of my inside ski.  Is that correct? Or is it that the inside edges will be too grabby.  What would the typical process be?  Keep adding 1 degree up until it's too much and then go back 1/2 degree at a time?  I figure I'll have to write down everything that I do and the effect.

If it matters, the skis are Atomic Metron 11 B5 164cm.  I'm 5'7" 165# and 50.

I'll probably only have this weekend to tweak it so I'm looking for any insight you have to offer.  There should be a few L2's and L3's around to watch me this weekend but there are some festivities planned so I'm not sure who'll be available.

Thanks in advance,