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Loveland this weekend

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Flying in to Denver Thursday night for a long weekend.  Will ski Loveland Friday and Saturday.  Website says nearly 100% open, so it sounds OK even though we've had bigger storms back east this winter.  Having never skied there before, any suggestions on where to find steeper groomed slopes?  I prefer groomed stuff instead of moguls. 

I have no idea what to expect crowd wise...

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The weather forecast is calling for windy conditions.  Any place on the mountain better than another to avoid the wind?
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Well to try and answer your weather questions, Loveland is one of the higher resorts in Colorado with a base at 10,800 ft. The wind will be worse higher up, especially above the treeline (11500-12000 ft). It does look like they stand to get a decent snow Friday, so the skiing should be good (albeit chilly Friday and Saturday)  I'll leave it to someone more familiar to the area to take a stab at crowds.
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