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Scott P4

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I have skied the Scott P4 the last few days at Alta and I love this ski! I own Volkl AC30s but am going to replace them with P4s.

I am an intermediate skier. I can ski blacks no problem unless they are straight down and ice, learning the bumps now too and powder as well. I'm 6'1" 250 lbs and skied them in 181. That length may seem short for my size but it allows me to maneuver better and feel more confident on the ski.

These skis did everything well. Got some clean runs on Ballroom today and they just floated in the powder. Didn't surf like the Hellbents I have skied but the tips always came up without effort. Ballroom got cut up quick like by 10:30 but the P4 went right through the chop like it wasn't there. Powder was about knee deep on Ballroom. Not sure how they (or I) would do in bottomless but then I very rarely see that.

What really took me aback was the way they carved on the groomers. They railed them, even the spots that were skied off. Just lay them on edge. They liked it and do it with ease! They would do long GS turns nicely. They did get a little squirrely at high speeds but the 191 would probably solve that. Quick short radius turns were effortless. I would say on par or even easier than my AC30s.

Ended the day skiing off of Sugarloaf and hit the bumps under the lift. They were champs there as well. The quick turns helped a lot and the ski is a bit on the soft side which helped also. Did a run called Entropy (?) which was pretty challenging but again this ski helped me ski better than I have before.

These were demos from the Lifthouse mounted dead center on the manufacturers recommended mounting point. Felt perfect to me. The few times I got out of whack in the chop I was able to come right back to center quickly so for me the bindings seemed in the perfect place.

Sorry this is not a technical review but I just had a blast on these skis and wanted to share my experience with them.
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Good review - pretty much mirrors my experience with the P4. For me, it's a perfect all-mountain ski - great on the groomed, quick edge-to-edge, stiff enough to bust crud, stable enough to open it up when you want to rip, and wide enough to easily handle pow.  It handles so many conditions well, and it's so easy to ski - you can relax and just noodle around, or you can hammer on it & have a blast on them.
I'm also on the 181, which works great for me 80% of the time at the small resort I ski at (with the wife & kids). I would opt for the 191 if I skied bigger mountains and consistently hit 8+ inch powder days.
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