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Help on used skis

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Hey, my brother has gone to resorts to ski downhill. He has liked it, and wants to buy skis as opposed to renting them. Someone has given him a pair of old Blizzard Wizzard skis, with Marker M20 bindings. He wants to know:

-If you can remove the bindings, because he knows old bindings aren't safe.
-If old skis are unsafe as well.
-What bindings and boots to buy for a beginner, specifically the type. He weighs around 110 pounds, and is around 170 cm. The skis are 185 cm.

Thanks for the information and help.
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Bindings can easily be replaced.
New skis are easier to learn on than the old "straight" skis.
Best bet is to subscribe to expertskier.com and get reviews for skis dating back to the last century.  Then check out what ever is on sale that checks out ok in the reviews.
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If your brother has only been skiing a few times, skis that are 15cm longer than he is tall will be difficult to turn. Also, 110 pounds is awfully light for 185cm. I don't know anything about those particular skis. If they are skinny, the length is less of a problem, though there are other issues that I won't get into now.

It's exciting to get a first pair of skis that you can own and see and touch when you're not on a ski trip, but your brother may likely be better off renting skis for now.
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