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Bindings for 2009 K2 Lotta Luv 163cm?

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 Hi all

I have just taken delivery of my Lotta Luv's (flat) from O2Gearshop Outlet and I need to look for a deal on bindings.

It has been suggested that I use salomon z10ti b80 bindings and I am happy to look for a deal on them but I wondered if there were any other recommendations. 

Thanks in advance! I'm very excited to own these skis!
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HI Louise..
Thought these skis were a system! Huh..
Since they're wider, they'll need a specific type of wider brake that only a specific binding will afford you.
Listen to the pro(s) you trust, see what the deals are (you don't need to rush now unless it's still snowing where you are! not here.:( ) then do your buying.
No brand type in mind, and you may get your best buy at a pre-season sale of last year's stuff this coming Fall. I usually wait until then to make a bigger purchase.
Good luck!
Do you go to TheSkiDiva.com? Give it a try - for women only..   Epic may not like this, but it's a big world out there, and there's room for everyone!
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 That's where I got the Salomon binding recommendation ;). I have nothing against that and will look for a deal on that but just thought there might be other options. A guy in Sports Authority recommended a Head binding system. I just like the advice I get on these forums, don't always trust salesmen but will shop around also.

Isn't it this years ski that's an integrated system? 
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This year's ski is a system and yes, I have been on the other forum, that's where I got the recommendation I have ;)

This ski is 78cm wide which is not quite as wide as this year's model.

Hoping for some other ideas :)
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The Salomon Z10 Ti b80 would probably be a good binding for you, if you fit within the 3-10 din setting limits based on weight, height, age, and ability. The b80(80mm) in the above, is the brake width designation whivh would fit your 78mm ski. Slightly narrower brakes can be made to fit and slightly wider(90mm) will work alright as well. a Z12(din 4-12) would probably work as well.
There are other good bindings/brands out there. But the Salomon bindings are light,durable, and easy to use.
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Louise - I think that this year's was a systrem - I cannot remember how I bought mine, andam not looking at them at the moment, so I'll go w/ your info! :)
Do you like the !! graphics !!  on your new skis?
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 Windy, sorry for the double answer - I thought the first hadn't posted!!

Yes, Iike the graphics though I'm really not that fussy when I get the flat skis for $149!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tricky for your reply, since most people have recommended that binding I may just order that online where they are cheaper.
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149.00!? Where did you make this purchase - did they have more??
Hated the colors in that graphic, but @ 149.99 I'd live..
Tell me more..
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By the way Louise,

K2s have always been available both as "flat" and "integrated system" skis. A good friend who owns a shop at Alta does not like Marker bindings so he has always purchased them "flat."
The "flat" skis+bindings are generally much lighter, as well.(especially with Sal Z10 Ti)
I have purchased several pair from him over the years.
However, many dealers like the idea of selling a pair of bindings with every pair of skis. The idea has also been put forth that integrated systems ski better than "non." But not necessarily so.
On others such as Volkls, the skis are built so that they can only be used integrated.
Dynastar, Rossi, Salomon (and now some Nordicas) are being sold both ways.
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Thanks for that Tricky :)
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I agree w/ Tricky.. YOU the consumer should make that decision.. I HATE Marker myself.
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One post above talked about buying in the fall when prices are lower. I'd advise buying something now if you want the best prices. My observation is that fall preseason prices are actually higher, maybe not by a lot but enough to make it worth it buying in the spring.
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 Thanks Lifer, I actually found the bindings at $99.90 plus tax and delivery from Sport Chalet so they are now on the way :)))))))
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