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Need ski advice

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So I'm in the market for a new pair of planks and I was wondering what everyone thought. I'm 5'9" and about 175-185 not too burly, but not small either. I grew up in New England so I'm used to bullet proof ice, but recently started skiing out here in California and found it completely different.

The skis I want to replaceĀ are the old Salomon Force 9's in 195. I really liked how snappy they were when you leaned on them and they turned uber fast at speed. Edge grip was fantastic, as well. However, they're getting old and I was going to try some all mountain twin tips.

On a recent trip I demo'd Line Prophet 100's and Volkl Mantras, both around 170 cm in size. I found both to be stable in heavy and cruddy snow but the Prophets were terrible for initiating turns. It felt more like controlled skidding and was difficult to set an edge whereas the Mantra's held an edge pretty well. Are there any others I should consider if I prefer short to medium radius turns and steep terrain? I was thinking the Prophet 90's might be better or perhaps the k2 Extremes. I dunno, but I definitely want something that can turn quick when you lean on it but handle crud and at least moderate levels of pow.
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Sultan Legend 85
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Thanks Dusty....I'll check em out. I forgot to mention my boot setup......I'm using old Nordica Grand Prix 90's so they're a really stiff boot. On a more fundamental level, if I'm looking for an all mountain that excels in medium turns and can handle some pow....should I be looking for something in the 80-90 range and a stiffer flex?
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I am no expert, just demo-ed these in Alta, and then got a pair, they were just too good. pretty stiff, powerful, and 85mm underfoot, brake-widths come as wide as 100mm, 90mm is standard, and their turn radius for the 172 is i think 16m, they are very popular in Alta and Snowbird with instructors, patrol and staff. they are mid-fat, all-mountain skis and my experience, blast through those lumps like a freight train..demo them, then decide, the price has fallen sharply too, with bindings i think evogear maybe selling them for less than 650bucks..
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