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need advice........

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 i am a level 7+ and ski 30-40 days mostly at okemo vt.  okemo's conditions are well....  they are what they are........

 i currently own 4 pairs of skis, dyna 4x4's, prophet 90's, rx8's and head im 78's. the prophets are by far, my favorite of the lot.

the rx8's are getting old and ski short (165) but are still a good rock ski. the 4x4's 9 172 will suffice when i'm skiing on boilerplate, dust on crust and skiing groomers, which this year in vt. has been the norm until recently.
 as far as the head im 78, i don't understand why they rate so highly. they may be the poorest in quality of any ski i've used.
they came out of the wrapper desperately needing a tune and have only performed nicely after that tune. its no wonder that i haven't seen another pair at okemo. i've had them tuned twice in 3 days. never buying head anything again..........

my go to ski is the p90 172cm, they hold up well in all conditions and i have them mounted flat. what i'm looking for is a narrower quicker version of the p90 to play with in the trees and bumps. especially when there hasn't been any new snow.

does this ski exist? if so please advise.

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 does anyone have a ski for me? please?
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