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PSA, new boots

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new boots on sale

The store is Ultimate fit centre, in banff Alberta.

Usually all our prices include all the boot fitting work, and a fit guarantee. As we can't see you, talk to you, or help you the prices that I can offer DONT include any of this. This is a "I know what I want, and just need a good price on it" sale. No returns, no exchanges, no fitting work included, no options, no whining. Sorry to be blunt, but just need to make the rules clear.

Prices are in CND funds (almost the same as US now) and are + $40 shipping, and + 5% tax.

Soul sister $365 (268/22, 277/23, 282/24mm)
Seth $415 = 293mm/25 only
Konflict $380 (293/25, 301/26, 310/27, 318/28)

Ghost $440 27/315mm
X3 Lab med $440 26/305, or 27/315

WC 150 ZB in 292mm or 300 $299
WC 130 WCfit in 284mm or 317mm $299
Super blaster, in 29 only $300

WC 150 or 100 in both aggressor and non (call for stock) 267mm to 315mm $299
Jah love $500 280, 290, 295, 305mm $500

Small boots
Lange WC100 team in 266 or 275 $150
Salomon X3jr 265mm, 275mm $345
Fulltilt sally 268mm $365
Lange Exclusive 100 266mm $200

Big boots:
Salomon Performa 33.5 / 381mm $200
Lange concept 9, 349mm $200
Fulltilt model T 335mm $300.

We have a few other options, but we deal with lange, nordica, fulltilt, and salomon only. I didn't post some of the bigger volume boots, and softer options. Didn;t think that bears would care.

please email me, or just post (not PM), for more info. To order email me, and I'll get you in touch with the store.


I've posted most of the boot sizes, as the boot sole length. please order this way, to make sure we are getting you the right size.

Hope I can hook someone up.
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few pairs of WC 100 and 150's all mailed off
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