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Volkl Bridge vs Line Prophet 90 vs Rossi phantom 87 vs Head peak 88

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I need some help on determining what ski to buy. A little backround on me first 5'7 155lbs and mostly ski in vermont, I truly like to ski everything, Bumps, groomers, steeps trees. I currently ride an old 170 salomn xscream which is nice on the groomers, not to bad in the bumps, and I make them work in the trees.

I am really looking for a ski that will perform well in the trees, but not sacrafice to much in the bumps. I am willing to sacrafice performance on the frontside groomers. 
    The only one of these that I have skied is the volkl bride at a 169 length. It had a nice tight turning radius that made it pretty nice for the trees and bumps and it absolutely STOMPED Landings which i loved, but I felt like it oversteered a little bit at high speed and was a little slow edge to edge. I am also worried it is slightly to soft for when the snow is bullet proof hard back I also felt like it skied a little to short for my liking, but I am worried the 177 lenght may be to much. My other concern is I am currently skiing a 66 under foot I feel like the jump to the 9 of the volkl may be hard to adjust to.

Any advice on any of these other skis would be fantastic. I have heard some good things about the Peek 88 and volkl mantra but some people have told me it is a little stiff and to long of a turning radius for the bumps and trees. When It comes down to it I am looking for a ski a little stiffer than the bridge but not as long of a turning radius as the Peak 88 or the Mantra, and was hoping the Line Prophet 90 or the Phantom 87 may be that ski. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Come on give me something!
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Friend bought the Line90s to replace his Pocket Rockets in the trees slot. His comment was that the 90's were stiffer and a bit too much for him in the trees. They eat crud, better on groomers than the PRs. This was after only four or five days, he's a pretty solid, confident skier and more milage might change his opinion.

Not much, but something.
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At your weight, I doubt that you want something stiffer than the Bridge. It is stiff enough for you. It is pretty turny however in a 169. That is an acquired taste and either you want that or you don't. If the Bridge appeals, go for a 177. In that length, it is much more stable than the 169 as the flex is very different. The Mantra is absurdly stiff in the rear 2/3 of the ski to be of much use for you. In fact given your profile and wish list, I'd suggest that you look at the Fischer Watea 94. Also the Line P-90 or Dyanastar Big Trouble (Sixth Sense Big) could be a go as well.

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I am the same exact stats as you and ski the Bridge in a 169 as well.Absolutely agree with SJ that you do not need to go stiffer. I have found that this ski handles almost all Eastern conditions exceptionally well.It seems that you expect one ski to do everything perfectly and IMO that will not happen. On bulletproof days go to your xscreams if needed. The other thing is where the binding was mounted on the 169's you tried. If they were mounted true center,the ski would ski short.For all mountain there is a  boot center marking,this would make a difference also.This is just my Volkl opinion,if anyone else has any other info on the other skis mentioned feel free to chime in.  Hope this helps
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Thanks alot guys I appreciate the input, very helpful. I do realize I am asking for alot, I have to realize one ski is not going to do everything. Any thoughts on the Rossi Phantom 87?
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TFull, I skied on a Phantom 87 today , I think it is around 175cm, I know it was slightly shorter than my elan mag 74 that are 176 when standing next to it. I'm 6'  205lbs so probably doesn't mean much for your size but here is my thoughts on a limited time and conditions day. Warm temps, very soft snow, mashed potatos feel with some manky snow also. Ski was very stable in those conditions, tracked strongly, felt like a Cadilac ride. very good at long turns, not extremely quick at short turns but if you work it they will come around. would not sink in the mank at all, floated really nice on top of it. thought with my weight it would go down and in but very manuverably on it. did some trees in soft and mank snow, ski is not very quick so had to really look for my line. Would not call this a great ski for tight NE trees. On the groomers I could feel the ski slice thru the snow and get a little pop from the back of the ski if I got back on them. At my small 1k vert mountain this ski ate up the place, did not take many turns to get to the bottom, could see someone enjoying this in wide open bowls and big long trails.
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TFull, I will report back to you again on the Bridge again tomorrow night as it will be the first real day on mashed potatoes for me on these.Talk to you tomorrow.
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Snowbowler thanks for the input on the rossi. From your report as well as others I have heard it sounds like the phantom may be best for more open terrain, not the trees and moguls I am looking to ski. Do you agree?

Daveski, What do you think about the bridge in a 177. I skied it it the 69 and it just felt a little to "turny" for me(if that is a word). Do you think I would be able to handle the 177? Have you ever skied it in that size?
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I have never skied it any longer,it depends on exactly what you are looking for.In NE we generally have tighter bumps and trees which at the 169 length would be more nimble and quicker than the 177. Everyone that I know that is around our size skis it in that length. If you do ski it in a 177, I think it would only be advantageous in more wide open terrain if you are very aggressive and a strong skier. I also mentioned the mounting point on the ski. This makes a big difference on how this ski handles.On actual center,this would ski shorter, and on boot center,(which is two inches back from that)It will be for all mountain and ski at its longest.What you have to do is ask yourself what and where is this ski going to be used for most!!Make your decision based on that,Hope I helped.
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Daveski7  I plan on using it in the trees and bumps, and park. So I think you are right that a shorter ski will benefit me in that terrain. Do you feel you get enough float with the 169 length on the days we are blessed with 6 inch plus of powder? Do you own any other skis? Or do you use the bridge as a one ski quiver? and yes you definetly helped
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I currently have the Bridge,and a Tigershark Ten. I play around between these skis right now. I am a patroller at Wachusett in MA,and do a lot of my skiing at night. The conditions are usually pretty firm even though they groom everything out at night. I have tried to use the Bridges whenever possible in order to see what they can and cannot do.When I ski up north, I bring both and kind of feel out the conditions and sometimes even switch depending. That is the beauty of having a couple of skis in your arsenal.To answer your other question,they gladly welcome fresh snow and handle it very well,especially in the more confined areas ie. bumps and trees because of their maneuverability.I did not demo these before buying so I went out on a limb and have not been dissapointed one bit!!!!!!Like I said, I will get back to you tonight as I am skiing later on and we shall be skiing Spring mush and nice soft bumps. Talk to you around Midnight.
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Originally Posted by TFull View Post

Snowbowler thanks for the input on the rossi. From your report as well as others I have heard it sounds like the phantom may be best for more open terrain, not the trees and moguls I am looking to ski. Do you agree?

Yeah to me it felt like it skied really big, not the quickest swing weight turning ski I have been on. Although the conditions were not powder or packed powder by any stretch of the imagination and thats the only time I have been on it.It felt like I was on a 180-185 cm ski but it was only around a  175cm, really smooth at speed and long round turns. Sierra Jim mentions the Watea 94, I have a Watea 84 @176 cm that I find very quick in bumps and trees, very good in soft snow you might look into the Watea line .
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TFull,I told you I would get back to you and here I am at almost 1:00. Had an absolute blast in the Spring mush and bumps. They handled wonderfully,in and out of the bumps. Cruised right through the slop and never got sucked in. As I mentioned earlier,this was my first test in soft mushy snow and was not disappointed at all.Overall,100% satisfied with this ski in the 169 length,hands down.Talk to you tomorrow(actually today).      Dave
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DaveSki, How did you day of skiing go? I am heading up to killington this weekend, If I find a good deal on a demo I might pick up a pair of bridges
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Went awesome,I posted right before yours,did it not go through for some reason? If you get a chance to buy go for it,just be cautious of the condition of them because there are a lot of great deals to be had on new right now.To be honest with you,I actually got last years because I like the graphics better and the ski itself did not change. Have a great time at the K and get back to me with results.   Dave
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Nice how much did you get last years for, if you do not mind me asking
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My price paid is irrelevant because I got Pro Form,I am a Patroller. However,Evogear has them for $499,and if you post or if anyone else can help with a better price,please chime in.  Talk to you soon,good luck.  How was Killington?
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Did not make it unfortunetly, The thermostat went in my car, I heard it was beautiful though, I am going to to try and get up there next weekend. I really wish it would get a few degrees colder so all this rain they are getting turns into some snow
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Did you check out the pics on the previous Killington thread?Sorry, but I was jealous looking at them.I am sure there will be plenty of snow next weekend for you.My hill is closed for the week to preserve the snow for the weekends so I am out of luck.Hopefully I might try to get in one more day,if not than it is time to break out the clubs.Maybe next year I could hook up and ski with you some time,One of my patroller buddies has a house up there.Let me know how you make out with the Bridges or if you have any Q's.Talk to you.
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Daveski, I would def be down for a day at killington Just bought a pair of 2009 fischer misfits 177 for 240 bucks shipped!. Complete impulse buy from tramdock. I really do not know to much about them but I could not pass up the deal. Anyone got any info, seems like a pretty good all mtn ski from what I have read so far. Any binding suggestions?
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I posted on your other thread,Marker Griffon is a nice binding,does not seem to be as many great deals on them however. Keep looking on Tramdock,I have seen many deals on bigger freeride bindings as well. Do not chince on the binding,you will regret it later.  I am sure you will  enjoy the Misfits and somehow we will get together and ski Killington,I have not been there in 20(yes 20) years.  Dave
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