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Blue Knob photos Feb 2010

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If you saw me at Blue Knob, PA last month chances are I have one or more photos of you, some action, some poses.  Here are a few examples.  I have about 50 more of similar quality.  Let me know if interested in seeing more of yourself.  Pics were taken between Feb 8 and Feb 21, 2010 during a nice stretch of some of the finest snow conditions I've seen at BK during my 40+ years of on and off skiing there.

blueknob8feb10 034.jpg
Laurel Hill Crazie
blueknob14feb10 013.jpg
blueknob14feb10 019.jpg
blueknob14feb10 045.jpg
blueknob14feb10 055.jpg
telerod15, LHC and son, Ski3po and son
blueknob20feb10 016.jpg
blueknob20feb10 021.jpg
blueknob20feb10 062.jpg
crgildart and telerod retro night
blueknob21feb10 021.jpg
blueknob21feb10 022.jpg
blueknob21feb10 032.jpg
Laurel Hill Crazie
blueknob21feb10 049.jpg
blueknob21feb10 058.jpg
blueknob21feb10 078.jpg
blueknob21feb10 094.jpg
blueknob21feb10 105.jpg
blueknob21feb10 117.jpg
blueknob21feb10 106.jpg
group shot
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 Nice pics, Jim!
You didn't get any of this guy.


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Thanks Rod.  You got me in a better upright position than my usual slouch/crouch.
Did you see this one, one of the more interesting photos I've taken of you:

While I'm at it, here's a few others that may have got lost in shuffle:
JohnL in Pens shirt:  http://cdn.huddler.com/f/ff/ffa67aa0_blueknob20feb10%20043.jpg

Laurel Hill Crazie exiting Skyline Glade:  http://www.epicski.com/image/id/32029/width/1000/height/800

Best photo of Lady Salina and Old Boot from BK batch: http://cdn.huddler.com/b/ba/baf18bfb_blueknob21feb10%20088.jpg
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 Yeah I saw those. Hey, I'm in a little bit of a wedge Telemark there, but I must point out I'm right above the cliffy part in that shot! :)

ceb65e9d_blueknob21feb10 094.jpg
I think I've figured out why I was struggling on that race board. It looks like I've got my boots on wrong. Not only on the wrong feet but backwards too. It seems I've somehow got my toes where my heels should be and vice versa.

That's a gang sign I'm making, BTW.  Something about being on a snowboard that brings the inner gangsta out.

I know you've seen this one before, but I think it's one of the best action shots I've taken. If only it was in focus...

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

 Yeah I saw those. Hey, I'm in a little bit of a wedge Telemark there, but I must point out I'm right above the cliffy part in that shot! :)

ceb65e9d_blueknob21feb10 094.jpg

^^^ bit of the old "A-Frame" going on there TR?
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We haven't been able to figure out why this was closed

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Because you guys just ruined all the sticks for roasting marshmallow and hot dogs for the apres -ski party.
Friends never let friends go alone into closed areas. You are heroes to stay together and endure the responsibilities of skiing  together  through the soft snow fun.

I salute you all.
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Cool, thanks for posting them!
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