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Guys Trip For Next Season

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OK I know it's early but I am already thinking about next season.  A couple of years ago my friends and I did a guy's trip to Jackson Hole that was awsome.  We are thinking next year might be the right time to do it again.  More than likely it will be in mid to late March.  We lucked out and hit Jackson during their biggest snow year ever so we were greated with soft lines everywhere we went but I know that's not likely to happen again.  We want to keep with the steep and deep theme but what places traditionally have the best shot lots of fresh snow that time of year?
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Check this website:  http://webpages.charter.net/tcrocker818/

Mammoth, Whistler and the higher Summit County CO resorts are notorious for good spring skiing.  I am at Telluride now and conditions are fantastic...we had snow yesterday.  This season the snow has been favoring SW Colorado though. 

Depending how tough to get to from your locale....I would suggest Mammoth.
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