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wtb Nordica Dobermann pro (98mm last), jah love, aggressor 130, blower, HR Pro 125, spitfire 120 etc.  size uk 9.  these are stamped from 320mm to 325mm on the BSL, but all measure an actual 320mm.

or any other nordica 98mm last boot based on the dobermann shape, uk 9.

used is fine, somewhat beat is fine, good deal (ie. $350 or less) on new is fine.

no liners required (but i will take them if you don't need them).  will use my own.  

nothing punched, but minor met-head grinding is no problem. 

115-130 flex only.

not looking for the world cup 95mm last dobermanns (aggressor/edt).

i rarely post here, only lurk, but am quite well known on TGR (marshalolson), and i am sure about anyone can vouche for me.