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Binding recommendation for a Line Prophet 100?

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Hello all....

I just bought a brand new pair of Line Prophet 100s (size 186) at REI for $459 this weekend, seems to be a smokin deal from my research on trying to find the best price.  I am 6'2", 225#, and a high intermediate/low advanced skier and I ski most everything on the resort from top to bottom. 

Everybody keeps saying Baron or Duke.  From what I have been told about the Baron it has great edge to edge capabilities but the AT mode I really don't need.  At any rate, I'm looking for a binding recommendation from all of you great reviewers. 

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You can get PX12's relatively cheap online, but they are still a solid binder. If you don't need the AT capability don't spend the money on an AT binding. Great purchase. I just picked up the same ski. My second P100 this season. I mounted them up with some PX12's I had sitting around.
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Loads of choices....

Look Pivot 14/Rossi FKS140
Marker Griffons/Jesters
Tyrolia Peak/Head Mojo 12 or 15
Look PX12/14, Rossi Freeski2 120/140

Its all good... just steer clear of 10-11 DIN cheapos and non-Comp/Royal Family Markers.
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Squawker has listed some great options.  I just put Tyrolia Peak 15 on my Mantras and can cast a vote for them.  The quality is excellent, the mount is pretty low and the weight is good.  Heel piece mounts through metal.

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what's the difference between Rossi Freeski2 120, 140, and 150?
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i have jesters and px12s, the jesters feel way more solid. With the px12s my boots have to be perfectly clean or the they dont click in right. paid up for them because i needed them on the spot but you could probably get the deal somewhere.
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I have the PX12 on my 100's. I don't have any click in problems. I am actually running 2 pairs of these bindings right now. You can find them on Tramdock for $99.95. You will save weight, if that matters, by avoiding the Dukes, plus you said that AT capability is not important.
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 I've always used Markers. Just recently used PX12's and could not get used to having to "double clutch" to get into the bindings. Also from years on Markers had certain sense for a given DIN when I should release and felt that PX12's had a later release. Talking to a tech found that Marker's have an earlier release than other brands. Switched over to Marker Griffons and feel more confident with them. Not that there is anything wrong with Look/Dynaster binding, just that I am used to the Markers. Funny cause I never really paid attention to bindings much before this. One really nice feature of the PX12 though is that when the ski does come off it's easy to reach back to pull up the rear binding by hand. This is handy in powder.
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