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Should Kids be aligned?

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I work with young racers ranging in age of 10 to 13 years old. Several parents have asked if they should have their children aligned. What are the opinions on this?
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I'd think that if the young racer has an alignment issue that results in he/her developing bad habits, alignment would be advised.
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There is a place in Vermont called the Startin Gate. They work with a lot of young racers and have a great pamphlet that addresses all of the issues regarding age and growth.

They may be nice enough to share the info.
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It is too hard to correct bad habits. If the kids need to be aligned, do it sooner than later.
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Okay - I see a lot of consensus and that's great. However, does the same hold true for a 11-13 year old girl (not necessarily a racer) who suddenly becomes knock-kneed due to a growth spurt which may or may not still be occurring?

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