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Should we back out of Steamboat trip 3/19-3/22?

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We had been planning to ski Steamboat Friday through Monday.  We knew that due to exposure and elevation that Steamboat in March is often not as good relative to some other areas, but that is what worked for us when we made plans back in August and September.  Now, it seems like the overall snowfall hasn't been great and they are in for another warm week.  (Yes, I know that is is spring.)  This weekend, two different people told me to try and find something else.  And, my wife asked if we should just go somewhere warm and try Steamboat next year, maybe in February.  I'm trying to figure out if we should bag Steamboat and try to head somewhere else; I'm having a hard time with the idea of not skiing at all.  How much worse than what Steamboat is known for will it likely be?  Anyone have a sense of that?

Noting that going to Utah is now too expensive due to airfare, does it make sense to head somewhere else in Colorado, or somewhere else altogether?  The short/long range forecasts, as reliable as they are, don't seem too promising anywhere. 



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Been to the Boat many a time late March, early April & the 10" rule was in effect!
You could always drive the 1.5 hrs & ski the Summit, Copper has had 24" in the past week.
 And as Warren Miller would say, "If you don't do it this year".......
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 Yes, but they say this isn't a typical year.  What, pray tell, is the "10" Rule."
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Where do you live?  Would Telluride work for you?  I am here now and they have a 70" base!  The skiing is great and SW CO has had the bulk of the snow this season.
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It depends what you're looking for. I wouldn't expect any fresh snow, but early spring in Steamboat wasn't bad. Beautiful, sunny days. Soft snow. It's just a different mindset: bring the sunblock and some light clothes and enjoy the weather. You're still skiing; it can't be all that bad.
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We skied it today (3/17) and it was a beautiful sunny day. BUT, no fresh and the snow took forever to soften up. Frozen groomers and hardpacked crud in the moguls and trees. The steeper groomers were close to boilerplate in some areas-I felt like I was at Whiteface on a bad day! Wish I had my race skis instead of the Snoops. By 2:00 or so, the moguls were nice and soft and very skiable. We're skiing here tomorrow and heading back to Denver-thunderstorms are predicted then changing to snow.

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I don't know what weather report you may be looking at but, Steamboat is under a winter storm warning.  It looks to me like you have some good timing and once it starts snowing in the boat you never know what the outcome will be.  It was 70 degrees in Denver today and we are 5- 10" by Friday night. 

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I would go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steamboat's expecting close to a foot between now and Sunday morning according to NOAA...
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