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This excerpt was taken from ExpertSkiingMagazing based in Russia. It was also translated from Russian to English by Google, so the wording/English might be poor. Enjoy!

Kastle 2010 — 2011. New season, new models

19. 19. февраля 2010 | От Георгий | Категория: Отзывы и обзоры February 2010 | From George | Category: Reviews and Reviews

Удалось попробовать новые модели Kastle , которые эта возрожденная несколько лет назад компания со славной предысторией выпустила к следующему сезону.

It was possible to try new models Kastle, who is revived a few years ago, with a glorious background materials released to the next season.

First of all, that unites all models Kastle - branded "features" of skis this company.
The first - the quality of skiing and sensations models "sporttseh" for skiers of all levels.
No advertising, personal feeling.

Second - the quality of manufacturing.
he first test skis arrived in Moscow two years ago, and since they are constantly in the very demanding conditions - their "chase" on people's tests, the guys from the shop in Tekstilshchiki "Sport Tourism" (or whatever it is he). Tests by the way, are held on Friday night-Saturday-Sunday at the Bohr barrow on the bank of the Moskva River. So if you love every season change skis - take something cheaper because they are designed for many years. However, part with Kastle and do not want to ... So Kastle makes sense to buy if you want something reliable, high quality and long - several years at least.

Third. . SLIPPERY . Feedback from service specialists - very solid and excellent suction paraffin.

Fourth.. Very soft and smooth glide, with virtually no vibration and with absolutely no bounce on the hard edges

Fifth. Skiing can be black (line FX) or white. Small labels can be other colors, but only if they are small.

  Reliability and durability. Rails must be entirely of metal, and fastening with a separate installation of the heel and toe and adjustable worm-gear made of steel.  No plastic "dogs", switches, latches and so on.

Seventh. Price.  No more expensive top models of leading brands, but not for the mass of the buyer, only for those who choose the model from the top.

Overall impression: like.
All the models I tried.. Each in its own way. Really high quality and very good skiing.  Expensive? Да. Yes. But as it turned out, this season - no more expensive top models as usual "mass" brands such as Rossignol, Head, Atomic & etc.

Comments on those models, which have not changed, you can read here.

New next season: a new design model MX 98, backcountry model FX 94, slalomka RX SL (!!!) and the new lightweight multi-purpose line Kastle LX - Model LX 72 and LX 82.

Models backcountry can not speak - I have not
. In principle, these skis less powerful than the multi-purpose MX, noticeably lighter, but not as tenacious hard.  And because "our man", who rolls the backcountry, usually not burdened with a large number of notes, then I'm not sure what model Kastle FX will enjoy wide popularity in Russia. For them, as opposed to K2 and other common, though not of such high-quality skis, "last season, just rolled over 5 thousand, with a mounting bracket for 8" to buy will not succeed.

Line LX.. Compared with multi-line models MX, another multi-purpose line - design cap, ski a bit softer, lighter, more maneuverable and more obedient.  This grip edges preserved and versatility, too: in reviews lung testers, skiing perfectly cut average arc and safely, smoothly and bounce, go to the slippage on hard. For higher and higher speeds preferred line of MX, but for the average speed skating - apparently LX interesting, they are more responsive.

 Kastle RX SL - slalom model
radius of 156 - 11,5 m and 166 - 13 m
Geometry 121/68/100 mm
Mounts Kastle / Marker KTi Plate

Since I do not go to the track, then rate it and feel it is from this point of view. . Model lively, playful, absolutely without thought, halfway between soft and workshop series SL. In the steep arc, I never drove in the free skating literally forces to go short, as soon as you try to run it in the middle arc, becomes an ordinary skis, without lights.  In short frequent arcs without a strong impact load is minimal. With the active work vyplyunet so that will not find it. . Excellent net short arc.  For free skating, I would advise her to consider only those who really want to get a clean slalom For the most severe and massive cross-country skiers - will go and how fan-carver, although the radius may be too long. Just a short arc with no claim to the track - it seems to me better to take the RX.

A rather big enough Comrade (> 100 kg), train constantly spoke thus: "Particularly interesting would be to compare them on the road with Stockli Laser SL. In the free skating skis are similar, but there Stockli slightly more powerful, Kastle snappy. Н But three of descent for a few - too few to them as follows rasprobovat.Must go to people's tests. "

. A few words about the prices. The most expensive skis are (in zavisiomsti of anchorages) no more than 52 thousand rubles, that is, their price is equal to the price of top models over mass brands.A multipurpose MX88, 98, 108 with bindings Duke are about 45 thousand rubles.  Agree, not the highest price for a quality product.

And briefly about how to change the MX98.
  Model this last year, our riders rated as too powerful Apparently, their assessment coincided with that said and proraydery Kastle. From skiing Titanal removed, and the toe lifted in the style rocker. If earlier it was "mochilnaya" model, but now it is more appropriate not only to pierce tough crust, but also for skiing in softer snow. In tests, it was not, as the former in all 108 tests passed it by: what to do about it in Shukolovo ...

 On other models Kastle skis and interfaces

 Kastle 2010–2010: Geometry, sizes and radii of the models Kastle season


121–68–100 мм 121-68-100 mm
156 (11.5 м) 156 (11.5 m)
166 (13 м) 166 (13 m)

RX 12 RX 12
118–70–100 мм 118-70-100 mm
152 (12) 152 (12)
160 (13,5) 160 (13.5)
168 (15) 168 (15)
176 (16,5) 176 (16.5)
184 (18) 184 (18)

MX70 MX70
118–70–100 118-70-100
152 (12) 152 (12)
160 (13.5) 160 (13.5)
168 (15) 168 (15)
176 (16.5) 176 (16.5)

MX78 MX78
121–78–105 121-78-105
152 (13) 152 (13)
160 (14.5) 160 (14.5)
168 (16) 168 (16)
176 (18) 176 (18)
184 (20) 184 (20)

MX88 MX88
158 (15) 158 (15)
168 (17.5) 168 (17.5)
178 (20) 178 (20)
188 (22.5) 188 (22.5)

MX98 MX98
126–98–116 126-98-116
158 (18) 158 (18)
168 (21) 168 (21)
178 (24) 178 (24)
188 (27.5) 188 (27.5)

MX108 MX108
132–108–122 132-108-122
177 (28) 177 (28)
187 (32) 187 (32)
195 (35) 195 (35)

MX128 MX128
146–128–134 146-128-134
190 (40) 190 (40)

LX72 LX72
117–72–99 117-72-99
146 (11.5) 146 (11.5)
154 (13) 154 (13)
162 (14.5) 162 (14.5)
170 (16) 170 (16)
178 (18) 178 (18)

LX82 LX82
156 (13)
164 (14.5)
172 (16.5)
180 (18) 

At Rossiyskom market Skis Kastle is OOO Alpine Trade "

Тел. Tel. (495) 788–12–44 (495) 788-12-44; e-mail:; e-mail:

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