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Volkl AC50 or Atomic Crimson Ti or Something Else?

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My husband is in the market for new skis and hates the computer...

He likes to buy a high quality ski that will last him a while.  He is just a hair under 6'0" and weighs around 195-200lbs.  He is an advanced skier who is looking for a good all-mountain ski.  We live in Minnesota, so frequently ski groomed, but also head out to Colorado once a year.  He also is often skiing with our 4 year old, so needs a versatile ski.  He is looking at the Volkl AC50 or Atomic Crimson Ti and is hearing varied opinions on them.  He would probably get a 176 length?!?

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 Blizzard magnum 8.7 IQ Max. 174cm
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Another vote for the Blizzard Magnum 8.7 174cm
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I ski AC50s and like them a lot. However, the consensus on this board is that the Magnum 8.7 is preferred, there isn't a lot of love here for the Volkls. I haven't skied Magnums so I can't compare.
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I am 6' 200lbs also. Ski PNW mostly Crystal MT, WA, and ski pretty much all of it.

These skis are really all winners.  Personally have not skied the Blizzards but never been on a pair of them I did not like.  Own a pair of Crimsons (non TI), and have skied the AC50s.  I would not choose the Volkls over the Atomics, Crimsons are quicker edge to edge IMO.  The Volkls were more stable at speed though, but I am not using the Ti's' either. 

If I were to walk into a shop for one of these 3, would choose the best buy, they are probably all that close. 

Ended up with the Crimsons because I couldn't make up my mind either.  Asked the wife to pick, she choose the red ones.  True story. and she did well.

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Just skied the AC-50s for 2 days in Steamboat and was pretty sure I was going to buy them. I ultimately went with a mid-fat for various reasons. If he has skied the AC-50s and likes them, there is not much else that I found with that same edge hold feeling - its a great, expert, solid ski. He may also like the Rossi SC-97 which is a bit stiffer.
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Not comparing the AC50 with skis I haven't skied, including the Magnum 8.7 ... the AC50 is stable as a freight train and has unbelievable edge hold. They are a great ski for carving in varied conditions. They are pretty close to the ultimate as far as knowing what you will get from your skis at all times. They are not a great ski for deep powder, backcountry or bumps - they can handle it, but not as well as other options.
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As just stated, the AC50 is as excellent ski for stable cruising, but I think it is generally considered too stiff for an all-mountain ski, which is what the OP is looking for.  It falls on the low end of the spectrum as a powder or bump ski.  The Crimson Ti would be a much better all-rounder.
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I think there are two basic meanings of "all-mountain." One is: I can go to Colorado and ski blacks without feeling that my skis are holding me back, and I can also do fine on east coast/midwest greens with the family. The other is: I can hike to terrain at A Basin or Jackson Hole, have an epic day, but the ski will also allow me to make it around the front side of the mountain or ski a blue or black with my friends. I think the second meaning is more common on this board, but I think the first meaning is closer to what the OP meant (but I might be wrong).
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all-mountain = ski the entire mountain.
not necessarily ski the entire mountain WELL but ADEQUATELY.

and hence the discrepancy of agreement on a "good" all-mountain ski.

The AC50 is a ridiculously good carver but these qualities take away from different qualities, namely powder and bump performance.
The 8.7 gives up a little carving feel but gains a lot in powder and bump performance.

IMO the 8.7 is better because it skis the entire mountain WELL. It doesn't do any one thing GREAT but instead is massively capable. 

So get the 8.7, there are some great deals for last year's model which is pretty much the same as this year's (like $300).
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Compared the AC vs Sultan 85, and bought the 85.  Much, much better.  Search it out.
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You guys are awesome!  Thanks for all the information. 

I can confirm that my definition of all-mountain is ski the majority of the time in Minnesota on greens with 4 year old, blue and some blacks with the wifey (me), and double blacks (back bowl) by himself or with friends.  We would spend no more than 5 days a season in Colorado.  He is not likely to do too much hiking to go ski uncharted territory.  He used to do a lot of bumps, but has a bad back now and pretty much avoids the bumps.  We don't have a lot of powder in MN, except for the fresh snow occassionally in the back bowl.  So the only real powder he will encounter would be in CO.

We are going to Winter Park the first week of April and he is renting the AC50's.  We will see how he likes them and hopefully he will get the chance to ski varied conditions.  I will then do a lot of internet searching on the best deal.  So far it looks like the Crimson Ti's might be the best deal.  However, if he really likes the Volkl's we will look at those and I am partial to Blizzard's since that is what I ski (7.6 Viva IQs).

Thanks again guys, the information is appreciated.
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I have been doing some checking and the 2010 Blizzard's in the 174 length are impossible to find.  It looks like there is a pair or two out there in the 181 length.  So, just based on availability, I think we are back to the Crimsons or AC50.
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I have tried AC 50 today and despite the fact that they were a size bigger than I need it was for sure the best ski I have ever skied! Truth is that the snow was hard and it seems (according to everybody else) that this is the strong side of AC 50 (incredible grip). I owe Atomic Blackeye Ti (slightly more narrow version of Crimson Ti - perhaps a little softer), which is good all around ski but it could not compete with the AC 50 in carving. The bottom line: if grip on hard snow preferred go for AC50, if skiing bumps and powder the main choice Crimson might be easier on your husband. Good luck
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Well, we have been skiing at Winter Park for 3 days now, and my hubby skied the AC50's for the first 2 days.  Keep in mind he went from OLD 205's with a skinny waist to these.  He felt like the AC50's were too heavy and like the waist might be a little thick for skiing in Minnesota the majority of the time.  We have two questions for everyone:

1.  Does anyone know if the Crimson Ti is lighter than the AC50?
2.  If he starts looking at a thinner waist he is thinking of the Atomic Nomad Blackeye, Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous, or the Volkl AC40 or AC30.  Any opinions on these?

He rarely does bumps, skis mostly groomers but doesn't mind the ungroomed when it is available, likes the trees, etc.  He skis greens with our 4 year old, blues and blue/blacks with me and blue/black and black when he is on his own or with friends. 

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Hi there. I'm around your husband's size and demoed both the AC50 and the Crimson TI here in the east. I would say the TI is a bit lighter than the AC50 as I was able to handle it in 178 length vs 170 on the AC50. From what I can gather, I think he'd be happy on the Crimson 178 or perhaps the Nordica Jet Fuel CA same length.
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Hi there.  Coincidentally, I demoed the Crimson Ti and AC50 this very day.  You can read all I thought at the end of this thread I started here...


...but to make a long story short, I brought the AC50's home with me.  The Crimson was significantly lighter though.
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