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Goggles & Sunglasses

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I carry two pair of goggles (lightly and darkly tinted) on days where lighting conditions are unpredictable. Last week in big Sky I noticed a lot of instructors and good skiers using sunglasses under lightly tinted goggles in bright sun. I talked with one person about their choices and they said they used the sunglasses plus goggles for bright conditions and then took off the glasses in flat light. Most did not seem to be using OTG goggles. I wore glasses for 50 years and was glad to be done with them a few years ago. Now it seems like sunglasses and lightly tinted goggles is the hot setup for versatility.What is your experience with sunglasses under goggles?
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 I dont know because I like goggle tans. 
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 Never heard of this before.  Seems kind of clunky to me.  I just keep 2-3 different goggle lenses that I can swap as needed, on the fly.
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The only time I carry sunglasses is when I plan on sitting on a patio and having a beer in the sun.  If I'm that concerned with changing light conditions, I carry a second pair of goggles in my pack, because it's faster/easier than switching out lenses on the chair.
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