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Lange Fluid 80 to Lange World Cup 120 HP?

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I posted this in the equipment discussion forum, but didn't get a response and wondering if it's misfiled. Sorry about double posting it, I can't figure out how to delete it there.

I live on the east coast, and ski in West Virginia/Pennsylvania plus one or two trips out west per year.  When I get to Colorado or elsewhere in the Rockies, I usually don't have time slotted for things like boot-buying, though I always regret when I come home that I didn't make time, since the selection is so drastically superior and there's more ability to test equipment within 24 hours.

5'7", 170, 38yo male, advanced but not expert skier, mostly carve on-piste, I like to go fast but don't like to fall these days.

That said - I currently wear Lange Fluid 80 boots, size 26.5, w/100mm last, but I'm not thrilled with them. I think they're a little too roomy. My left heel can (and does) lift up a bit, and I can wiggle the foot slightly without the movement being transferred. My right foot feels like it's got a tighter fit, though unfortunately this results in my outside toe feeling a bit pinched. All in all, I don't feel like I have the control I want, especially with my left ski. Late in the day, I feel my left foot flopping around a bit (enough to be annoying), and my right foot is in discomfort. I know this could all be solved via bootfitting, but before I try to make the Fluids work, I'm wondering if I should go with something fundamentally tighter.

I am thinking about buying Lange World Cup 120 HP boots ... the ugly smurfalicious blue ones with a 98mm last - which are available dirt-cheap online (2008 new in box - $135). In fact, the reason I am posting this is that the boots are so cheap that it seems like a low-risk high-reward gamble. I am thinking I'd get size 8, they don't list mondo sizes. I figure if I generally like the boot but the fit isn't quite right, at least I'd have a quality boot to work with when I visit a bootfitter. Just a shame they look the way they look (not sure what Lange's designers were thinking with the baby blue).

I'm sure there are people who've had similar thought processes - am I missing any steps that would make this easier or better? Is the blue boot likely to address my concerns with the Fluid 80s? Thanks
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26 fluid = 308mm?


maybe get the HP in both 300 and 308mm

the blue boot is narrower, but not sure if the issue with the fluids is the length or the width?

bring them all to a good boot fitter and see what they say....  (or see what they have in stock, and save all the pita factor)

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Thanks - and I also found the same boot in size 7.5, which I guess translates to 25.5. From reading here, it sounds like half-sizes are the same shell, ie a 25 and a 25.5 are the same shell size, and the difference is the lining. So in that case, I guess the size 8s would be about the same shell length as my 26.5 Fluids, just 98mm instead of 100mm?

I may order both the 7.5s and the 8s and take them to a bootfitter. I'm wary of trying to make the Fluids work, since any changes there would be in lining/support, can't make the shell smaller.
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order the WC boots, but also see if the bot fitter has some options for you that might be a better starting point.  Usually we include all the fitting with a boot purchase, and charge if someone brings in other boots.   
see what feels like the better deal to you, but you at least have some options
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