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Loosing sleep over this one...any thoughts?

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ok, gonna try to keep this simple...

me: 6'2" ish, 180 lbs, good solid skier interested in pow, bowls, trees natural features, etc. Still love smashin groomers full whack and beggining to scratch surface of park riding. Skied lots in europe and season in BC.

needs: a ski that will kill the japanese pow all season long and still be useful as an all-mountain tool (for trips after the japan dream comes to an end, e.g. aus/nz, europe)

search result: its stands at a face off between gotama's (186cm) and SFB's (182cm).

This is where someone more experienced than I may be able to help: I have researched both skis unitl almost loosing the will  to live...it's the same stuff i'm reading e.g. bacons too soft, volkl's not too good for GS carve (of course this is not their primary aim)...

Getting down to it, I love the graphic on the SFB and the thought of that extra width under foot, plus early taper is appealing. I think they''l be a fun fun ski but am worried they won't charge as well as the gotama. I am not into hitting BC booters as a rule but will drop cliffs and would like to develop my rotations next season, i do like popping off features as said already. These Ski's are cheaper and can get em in UK with griffons for £430 (thats around $650). Should I be worried about length at 182?? coming from 185 Screams

The Gotama's are cool looking I guess, more expensive, but longer in 186 (although with rocker probably similar?). Volkl are obviously making some of the best all mountain tools and people rave about this one, especially how the rocker helps smash through variable/crud. Just how stiff are they? I find it hard to belive they would be hard to manouver in trees but have read that? Are they still playful and will they make the most of the japanese pow?

One thing I don't get is how people say the ELP rocker makes carving groomers easier, is that really so? even with less edge contact?

If you've ridden either of these planks and can help please say something? it will be much appreciated
finally should any of you ladies want to have an input, my girlfriend (less experienced in powder/freestyle but technically sound skier and looking to improve off piste in japan) is debaiting between Kiku's, K2 missbehaved and to a lesser degree, LINE celeb's

Sorry about length of this, thanks in advance for your comments.
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BUMP sorry said i would make it simple....GOTAMA's OR BACONS??

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