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Whistler BC

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Hey you Canadian skiers.
Lady Salina's brother and a friend are looking for good cheap digs in Whistler in April. Any ideas?( want them to be mid scale LOL please no igloo builing locations!!)
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Try Golden Dreams B&B. Great place, great people and great breakfasts.
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golden dreams???  how are the showers there?
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

golden dreams???  how are the showers there?

LOL i laughed  ... alot .
Bad comment LOL
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Marketplace Lodge, right in the village, often has some great deals at this time of year - we got rooms for under $100 a night in the first week of April last season, a thirty-second stroll from the slopes. Glacier Lodge often has good deals, too.

For cheap hotel rates, www.whistler.com is a good resource - just check out the dates you're going and it will let you know what the best deals available are. We use them to book when I'm feeling too lazy to do the round trip from Vancouver in a day. 
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 In fact, Marketplace Lodge just emailed me - they're currently doing a special offer, $99 a night!
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