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Great instructors...

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Here is one way to recognize them I came up with this weekend.

My wife and I went to Xteam clinic @ Jay Peak with our 13 months old son. Drove for 7 hours on Thursday in the snow, which later turns into freezing rain.
Friday is first day of the clinic - freezing rain in the morning followed by downpoor in the afternoon, mountain is on ice/wind hold except for one lift. Saturday very cold, more wind/ice holds, temperature is 2F and 20mph winds, one lift running, glades frozen solid. By afternoon crust on one south facing glade is broken by traffic and it is skiable. Sunday more of the same. A little warmer but north facing glades are still unbreakable crust.

My wife, who probably would not leave the lodge if it was just two of us, was extremely excited to go out each day. She even skipped warm up breaks that some people in her group took. She kept talking about the greatest time she had skiing all the way back to Boston.

The only factor that could make that difference is the group of instructors we were with. Many thanks to John and Dan Egan, Eric and Adam D. for the awesome experience. Anyone who can make it fun and educational in those conditions is a great instructor. Check them out @ www.skiclinis.com
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Love to hear those kinds of stories.

Eski, great job in harsh conditions! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Thanks guys! It was a good hardy group of skiers as well! Makes for good stories too.

Skied Stowe today and there were Level III exams going on. Cool to watch a little.


Thanks again for the kind words Eug! It was good to ski with you again and nice to meet and ski with the wife too. Cheers to the two of you for being out there!
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Eski is way groovy. Can't wait to ski with him...
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Great job Eski..

Thanks for sharing Eug..

Sorry I missed you when I was out. Maybe next time.

SCSA trying to ski with Eski, That would be worth watching! I don't pretend to be able to ski with Eski. I just followed behind him and his team and admired the poetry in motion. Then gave chase and hoped they were waiting at the lift line. Sigh... Some day...

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Hey ESki, I was one of those guys in the Level III exam at Stowe. I did the teaching portion and PASSED.

The skiing at Stowe was fabulous. 3 inches new on Monday morning and nice rolled hardpack on Tuesday morning.

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Way to go, Man! Yeah the skiing was really great at Stowe that day. I spent most of the day on the gondola skiing with my Mom. It was the only way she would stay out and ski. Had lunch at the Tollhouse, that was a treat! Great food and teriffic view. Anyway, nice job on the level III PASS!! I'm giving some thought to that myself.

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