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UFC or Boxing?

Poll Results: UFC or Boxing?

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Just wanted to see what others prefer these days.
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The only Boxing I'm into is the Hot kind!  My skis love it!   What is the UFC?  Have fun!
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I can't resist watching any kind of fight.

I find boxing somewhat disappointing at times due to the quality of the officiating.  Sometimes I see some overweight never-was on tv building up some young up and comers' record, but usually the talent is there, and I've seen what appeared to me to be very talented boxers. 

I find UFC somewhat disappointing at times due to lack of technical ability or  talent of the stars.  It's like tuning in to watch NHL Hockey and getting some European women's hockey league.  I get the impression that their wrestling and grappling talent generally isn't too bad, but most of them don't have real power in their strikes, good combinations are not that common and a half-decent kick is very rare.  Although, I can certainly understand why anyone familiar with the effects of a half decent strike would not want to participate in UFC.

EDIT: Gotta say, I'm not really a fan. Politics of boxing turned me off of it long ago.  Hype of UFC is a big turn-off for me.  I won't go out of my way to watch would never pay pay-per-view, but if I'm flipping through my 7 channels and I see it, I watch it. 
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How about combining the two?

To answer the question, I'm no fan of either.  However, James' mom is a friend of mine so I have a special interest in both at the moment.
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I still don't think James can kick..
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It would be interesting to see somebody who is rally good any discipline step into a MMA fight. 

Think it could be a very short match, but interesting. 
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