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Volkl Mantra question?

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I got a good deal on some 177 Mantra's with Demo bindings but they shipped me the 184.  Want advice on whether I'll be fine with the longer length?

I'm 5'10" and 160lbs, very strong skier and able to ski in any conditions.  I went for the 177 because I want the versitility of being able hit the trees to look for soft snow and not be too much work in bumps as well as ripping up the open pow when it's there. Any advice would be most welcome.
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I am 155-160#s 5'11" Level 8-9 and have owned 177cm Mantras. If powder or smooth groomed they were fine. if bumpy or heavy crud, I felt they threw way to much energy back at me.
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Thanks TrickySr, I demoed the 177 Mantra at A Basin and Keystone this year in less than perfect conditions.  I loved the energy of the ski and the ability to blast though anything when you stay on top of them ski with aggression.  I'm not too worried about being overpowered by the ski, just want the right length for a wide variety of conditions (flat out in the open bowls to tight east coast trees on a powder day). 
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