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First Skis am I way off? aka (Critique my gear)

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Long time lurker first time poster.

Moved out to ID and picked up a season pass to Bogus

Intermediate level skier
6' 190lbs
Used to make the yearly trek to CO from KS while in college to ski for a week on a budget.
Never had my own gear but with the season pass only costing $199 I figured it would be a good bet.

Went a few times and I've always had mediocre luck with rental boots. (Low arch, low volume, larger calves) Used superfeet insoles in the rental boots to make it work.

Tried on lots of boots at both the ski shops in town plus sports authority (shudder), and REI.
I resisted the urge to just order something on line and go with it.
Usually wear a size 12 shoe but the 28.5 boots seemed to fit well.
Bit the bullet and got fitted for boots at the local experts. Got a pair of Dalbello Rampages for $320
Hopefully they will preform well.

As for skis had been searching level 9 for some closeouts but with boots costing me over 3 bills though I was going to rent my way through this season. Perusing craigslist though appeared to pay off.
Found a pair of 09' Head Xenon 4.0 with Tyrolia SLD 11 railflex bindings 170's
122/73/106 14.3 radius Light use recently waxed no gouges to speak off. Walked away with them for $100

Now I know these aren't great skis by any stretch but I'm just a solid intermediate and Bogus Basin where I ski is known to get a bit icy at times. I figure I can use these for a season or so and either resell them for the $100 I have in them or keep them for cheap carving/rock skis?


Any thoughts on the boots or especially the skis.

Thanks (The forums here have been a great help)
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you did extremely well with those skis. Go out and enjoy them, they should be perfect for you and give you some head room. Nice job on the boots too, seems like you got a deal, especially if you were fitted correctly with footbeds.

Size 28 seems about right for size 12 shoe, I wear size 10.5 and am in a 26.
have fun! and go out and buy some fatter skis for when u get some snow.

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Well, have a few days in on the Xenon 4's and they aren't too shabby. First day wasn't perfect but much of that was due to tweaking the boots. Next day out though went well had the Friday off from work and the mountain was darn near empty. Edges feel good can be a bit squirrely at times but feeling them out. Being 190' and 6' I was definitely able to find the speed limit on the blacks and steep blue groomers, when I'd start to get a bit of chatter. 
Should work for my purposes but I'll keep my eyes peeled for a better stiffer ski in the 177-180 range vs this being a 170. Thinking some used or new old stock head IM 78's would be nice. (Open to suggestions)
For $100 i can't complain and the dalbellos beat the heck out of any rental boot I've used
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