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Vail advice -- Easter weekend

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Been hearing mixed reports on the snow so far at Vail this year -- is it worth planning a trip out there for April 2-5? It's our favorite mountain, but we're coming all the way from NYC, so we'd hate to hit poor conditions. Any advice is appreciated! 
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I'll be there too. Vail is well below their yearly average of snow however I believe the skiing will still be very good. Others here on the forum more qualified to state their opinions of what to expect. I don't think we will see any terrain limitations during this time due to the snowflall so far this year being below their average. They still have received about 225 inches. Propects for the spring to bring more snow are decent. I ski the first week of April at Vail most years and really have never been skunked. My experience has been spring brings very unsettled weather and snow storms.

A couple of years ago I missed the last shuttle out of DIA and had to spend the night at the airport. Finally the next day got to the mountain at about noon. Temp at Mid Vail registered 70 degrees .That night it snowed 10 inches and it was winter again the next day

Even if it mushy at the bottom the skiing mid Vail and up is usually very good. Here's hoping the next 4 weeks allows Vail to get to their season's average for snow!
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A tip for skiing late in the season at Vail: at the end of the day ski to the top of the Riva Bahn lift and ride it down. Its top is close to the bottom of the Northwoods lift. That way you avoid skiing the bottom which can be like skiing a giant slurpee.
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 Thanks for the tip and the advice. I keep checking the weather report to see if Vail got any dumps, but I haven't seen much in the past week or so. We've got to book in the next couple of days -- I think we're leaning towards going, but if anyone else out there has an opinion, feel free to share. Thanks all!
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Colorado looks to have a dump coming Thursday into Saturday this week. Unfortunately they get harder than Utah on this storm.
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