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Skill Analysis

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This article by Dr. Michael Yessis actually refers to all forms of sport analysis. But reading it, I could see how it can apply to ski instruction.
Yessis makes a few interesting points regarding the difference between describing what you see and analyzing what is actually going on. Description states the problem, but analysis determines why there is a problem, and what needs to be done to fix it.
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Lisamarie, thanks for posting that. It has some very important concepts in it, including the idea that comparing a student to a very skilled athlete participating in the same sport does not constitute analysis--and may actually not provide an avenue to help the student.

I also liked his comments regarding the need to understand the complete biomechanical cause and effect relationships. It's short, though. I'm going to have to dig around his site to see what else might be available to help me learn...

Thanks, again!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Something occured to me just a few moments ago. I think that the majority of instructors who post regularly on epicski do in fact use this sort of teaching method. Most are not content to be ablle to simply see an error. They want to know why its happening and how to fix it.

I've skied with bears who are level one instructors, but are able to give more precise cues than some level 3s I've studied with. Any instructor who spends so much time on this forum has to be pretty dedicated!
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