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Volkl Supersport Allstars 2008/2009 175cm for Intermediate Skier

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I've done a few searches and learned much, but still wondering if this ride will be a bit too much work for an intermediate skier. I've skied maybe 40 times over 5 years. I'm 6'3," 225. I've found them advertised at $325 in excellent condition. 

Another option is 2003 Volkl P50 Race Carvers 177cm for $150. Now this surely is too much ski for me, yes?
Thx for your thoughts. Jeff
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It depends on how you ski.  If you like to ski fast, ride the edges and carve your turns, you would be fine.  It depends on where you ski.  If you ski on hard snow and ice, you would be fine, soft snow off piste, not so much. 
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I think Allstars are to much ski for an intermedate, especially at 175. Also, I don't think Allstars were made after 07.
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Eric S is correct,Allstars were all done in 07,which means you are looking at $325 for a used ski when you could get a new model for probably around the same price. For example,you could probably find a Tigershark Ten which replaced the Supersport series. The Tigershark is a little softer,and is also a little wider overall which will give you more versatility.So bottom line is you could get a leftover but new model for same $$$$$. Hope this helps.
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My daughter picked up a pair of Porsches which are virtually the same as the P50 race carver when she was still an intermediate, and enjoyed them.  If you are 225 lbs, 177 is a good length and you don't really need a softer ski, nor a wider one, unless you are going into soft snow.
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Welcome to Epicski!

Do a search on this topic, the Volkl Allstar was discussed at length around these parts 2 or 3 years ago. I authored a thread about my season long experiences on the 2006 Allstar which garnered over 12k hits I think.

Much discussion ensued together with additional threads comparing the Allstar to Rx 8, 5 stars etc.....I can hunt down some links if you can't find it but it should not be difficult.

Re the 175 is it the silver (version2) or the red/ black (2006) ? Most of the discussion here was re the 2006 I believe the 2007 was a slightly different ski with the same perf characteristics as I recall.

Volkl experts can chime in I suppose.....

The 175 I have heard is a bear of a ski but at 225 lbs you are a big guy which would mitigate the power of the ski a bit.

The Allstar is not a hard ride to ski well but if you cannot pressure the front of the ski at all times it could punish you. If you can do that and you enjoy riding the edges in medium to long arcs the ski is a blast. If you still primarily skid your turns or more importantly if you struggle to stay forward in your stance at times in steeper terrain I would recommend you look elsewhere. At $325 you can find the perfect ride to take you where you are now to where you want to be easily.....

This forum is a fantastic resource but learning to search for topics is key....most major hard snow skis have been discussed at length here in the last few years.

Enjoy the quest! 
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I'd say that there are better choices.  Get something easier to ski.  The amount of feedback from a ski like this will be limited and mostly negative.
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