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K2 Apache Series

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I've been skiing on a pair of K2 Escape 4500's that I have had for years.  I love these skis.  However, they are getting worn and it is time for a replacement. (Additionally, they have been a little long for my stature, they are 175cm).  My desirable ski length is 163cm. (I am 5'9", 155 pounds). I'm an intermediate skier that has been skiing for over 15 years, but I only get out 5 or 6 times a year. 
My local ski shop has a pair of K2 Apache Force skis on sale for a great price with Marker bindings.
I know the Force is near the low-end (novice) side of the Apache line up.
I am not sure where the Escape 4500 fit originally in the line-up from advanced to novice skis.
I don't ski moguls and usually stay on blue or green trails. I ski on the east coast, primarily groomed or packed powder or ice.
Would it be a mistake to purchase the Force?  Is there that much of a difference between, say, the Raider (more intermediate ski in the apache series) than the Force?
Any thoughts appreciated.
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 The Force is at most a lateral move. The Raider, IMHO is the value/forgotten ski in the Apache line. It comes out of the same mold as the Recon but with less metal. You also get a higher quality binding when you go to it. 
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