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All-mountain twin tip length?

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What is a good length for an all-mountain twin tip?

I'm 5'9" and 150lbs. I've skied pretty much my whole life (18 years old now). I've been skiing on a pair of 162 cm alpine skis for like 4 years and I've had a pair of center-mounted park skis for a while. I need a good all-mountain twin-tip but I'm unsure how long I should go. I really haven't had much experience with twin tips.
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When in doubt, level up (says Black Diamond, not me, I just took their advice and it was a good advice). 
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One thing to remember about twintips is that both ends are turned up so they ski shorter naturally. The other thing you have to ask yourself  what kind of terrain and where you are skiing.I ski a Volkl Bridge in a 169 and ski in the East.I am 5'7" and 158.I got it for a play ski for bumps and trees,and a little fresh. If you were getting them as a big mountain ski,you could even go a little longer for deeper snow.So the main question to ask yourself is what is the highest percentage of terrain you ski and let that dictate the width,type, and length to go with.If you could get a little more specific on those details than I am sure you will get great further advice.
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I already have a pair of park skis so I don't plan on using my skis for that. I'm being offered a good pair of 07' Volkl Karmas at 169 and I plan on using them for most of the mountain. Just need something that is versatile.

I live in Colorado so powder isn't hard to come by. I'm unsure how often I will ski it,  I've only hiked up 2 times this year for fresh, but I still wanna be able to do it. Would the karmas work for what i need? I've heard great things about them.
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Am I reading this right?  You're planning on using a 169 Volkl Karma as your powder ski?

The first "big" ski I ever got was a 192 Elan 777, and I didn't weigh much more than 150 at the time.  It made me a better skier.  I'm not saying you should go out and find the biggest ski you can get, but a bigger ski will make you a better skier. 
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Well I've only hiked up like 2 times this year for fresh. I find myself doing groomers, moguls, and park more.

I already have a park ski, so that's not really an issue. I pretty much need a ski that can do everything else.
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I agree that for a big mountain powder ski that you could go longer but since this is being given to you why not give it a chance. Get them mounted up right for your BSL in the all mountain position and enjoy them and make your own decision based on how they feel.
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