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And they're off.........

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Yea...my favorite time of year. The Soelden GS results are in! Dormeister, Nef, Cavagnoud then our girl Forsyth (canada)!!! Koz in 15th...here we go! Thank you Serge Lange! Screw the "Series"...it's time for the WHITE CIRCUS!!!!

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Hey Robin do you know if there is any coverage on now? I haven't even heard of the race season starting.
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Great race for the men. Bode Miller in 5th, only 4/10's out. I don't know where he started, but considering this is his first race back from the knee injury, this is very promising. Heard he had been very fast in NZ training this summer.
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I don't know when OLN cranks up the coverage (I checked the site, but couldn't find the schedule).
"Bodes" good for "blow-up"! Was that an SL?
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