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2010-2011 Head Peak 88???

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I just picked up a warranty replacement for my Head im88 monsters.

Head gave me what I think are next years Peak 88's they  green and blue (very 80ish!) and they have some sort of funky tabs on near the tips?

Is this next season's Head Peak 88 and Is there anything new and different for the Peak 88's (what are the tabs near the top for??)

Just wondering-I'll ski these next week.

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Pictures ?
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This is a Bob Peters post, but i guess i don't know how to transport video.  look under ski gear discussion 2/12/10

I'm just back from the demo show at Snowbasin.  I'll put up reviews of all of these over the next few days, but I thought some of you might like to see video images of what several of next year's HEAD skis will look like.  I'll do reviews on the review thread over the next few days.

For all of you sticks in the mud who HATED the graphics on the Jimi/Joe/Richie/John line, you got your way.  They're all hugely different for next year.  I like the new graphics but I still like my current Jimi's and so do a lot of other people.


One big new model for next year is the SuperShape Titan.  It's a natural progression from the SS Magnum.  The Titan will be 78 or 79mm underfoot, with a turn radius of 13.5m to 14.7m depending on the length.  VERY cool ski that I liked a lot.  Here's what it will look like:

Another new model for 2011 is the JERRY in the dead rock star line.  I don't have the exact dimensions but it's about 105 plus or minus underfoot.  It has a SMALL amount of rocker in the front and a bit of early rise at the tail.  Turn radius in the mid 20m range.  Sandwich construction.  I absolutely loved this ski because it really liked going fast on groomers but you could actually roll it over on edge and feel it carve.  More on this one later, but here's what it looks like (sorry, but I didn't have any Grateful Dead music:

One that hardly anybody will buy but I really enjoyed nonetheless is the 2011 GS race ski, the iGS RD.  For 2011, all of HEAD's race skis and the SuperShape line have a new feature that I think is replacing the Intelligence chip.  The new system is called KERS, for Kinetic Energy Recovery System.  This is some black-box technology that they've brought over from Formula 1 racing and Lindsey Vonn has been skiing this for the last three weeks.  More on that as I get details.  Here's the GS ski:

Here's the Peak 88 for next year:

And the Peak 78:

New graphics for the SuperShape Magnum, along with the KERS system:

And new graphics for the Jimi (along with a couple of minor tweaks to the geometry):

That's it for now.  I'll post reviews on the review forum in a few days.
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I don't see any pictures or  video images.
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